BLOG: Here's a List of Every Episode Featured in The Confessionals Intro!

We get quite a stack of emails in The Confessionals’ inbox, and one of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, “What episodes are featured in your show’s intro?!” From the episode with the giant in the cave, to the guy who slithered over the floor, to the long bony fingers curling under the door, listeners are intrigued by the episode excerpts featured in the show’s opening montage! So after many inquiries, it finally occurred to us to bring those intriguing episodes to you all in one place!

Noted first by their specific excerpts and followed by the full episode name, description, and link, you can now check out the details below to find the episode you’ve been dying to listen to almost as much as hearing that “YUP!” drop! Without further ado, here are the 6 episodes with interview audio clips heard in the show intro:

1) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  • “This was all circulating around the base, that a giant had been killed but no one was supposed to talk about it.”

  •  “And this giant comes out of the cave, and they’re all frozen, and he starts running and firing at this giant. But the giant moves, got a spear in one hand and he’s running really fast, and spears Dan and holds him up like this. Somebody yells ‘shoot ‘im in the face', shoot ‘im in the face,’ and basically decapitate him…”

Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 18: L.A. Marzulli - UFOs & Nephilim GIants

On Episode 18: UFOs & Nephilim GIants, we are honored to have author and speaker L.A. Marzulli joining The Confessionals to share his personal encounters with UFOs, his research on the Nephilim giants, and other hidden secrets from our past!

2) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  • “I saw three long bony fingers reach up underneath the door, curl up to grab it, and then disappear.”

Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 41: The Warlock and the White Faced Entity

On Episode 41: The Warlock and the White Face Entity, first host Tony shares an unsettling encounter he had with someone he suspects was a warlock, and then guest Paul joins The Confessionals to discuss his experiences in the haunted house in which he grew up, including a cloaked figure with a very creepy face, paranormal activity, and seeing long bony fingers reaching up under a door!

3) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  • “When he came over to me, dude, he slithered over to me.”


Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 50: Haunting Stories of Onset, Massachusetts

On Episode 50: Haunting Stories of Onset, Massachusetts, Tony’s old college buddy, Phill, joins The Confessionals to share haunting stories from his hometown of Onset, Massachusetts! Some of these eerie stories include a local haunted homes, a cryptid creature that terrorized a neighborhood, and a demonic possession that Phill saw manifest right in front of him!

4) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  •  “When he got about 15 yards away from me, I raised that twelve gauge and I blowed its head off.”


Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 31: I Killed Bigfoot

On Episode 31: I Killed Bigfoot, guest Brian comes on The Confessionals to share his dangerous encounter with a bigfoot. Brian lives in southern Ohio near the West Virginia border, where he has seen bigfoot on several occasions. During his third encounter, Brian's experience turned ugly. While he was calling for turkeys during a turkey hunt, Brian came face to face with a bigfoot who was not at all happy to see him. Faced with a decision to make, Brian knew it was going to be either him or the giant creature who would not be leaving the woods alive. So, he raised his gun and fired…

5) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  • “I feel something pulling at my leg. And I look over and there are two small gray entities pulling at me. And they’re literally, I’m getting pulled off the bed.”


Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 29: Bedroom Visitations

On Episode 29: Bedroom Visitations, we welcome guest David to The Confessionals as he shares his experiences being visited by different entities, both as a child and as an adult.

6) Interview excerpts from the intro:

  • “I reach my hand into this bush, and I touch hair. Couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move, ‘cause I know I’m seeing a monster.”


Where you can find the full interview:

EPISODE 17: Touching a Bigfoot

On Episode 17: Touching a Bigfoot, guest Jason comes on to The Confessionals to share his bigfoot encounter as a child, when he was suddenly, unexpectedly close enough to touch one! He also shares how some unusual paranormal experiences, which happened before his bigfoot experience, helped to shape and mold his character for his amazing experience.

Have you listened to any or all of these featured intro episodes yet? If so, which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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