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Short Story Hour: “Christmas Lights”

Christmas Lights


It was the first Christmas in our new house. We’d only moved in a week before, but I wanted it to feel like home. What better way than making a festive, cozy holiday atmosphere? So after I unpacked the everyday items, and arranged some furniture, I decided to tackle the Christmas decorations.

As I was winding a string of small twinkle lights around the tree, my daughter watched me intently. Since the first night in the house, she hadn’t wanted to leave my side. I knew she was still getting used to the place, and thought some holiday cheer would help her feel more at ease. At three years old, I really hoped this season she was finally at an age to enjoy all the holiday trimmings. 

So after I finished wrapping the tree in lights, I plugged them in and said, “Ta da! What do you think of the Christmas tree, honey?”

To my surprise, my daughter backed up, wide-eyed, and started shaking her head back and forth.

I was a bit perplexed, looking over at the little red lights that blinked on and off across the branches. “Don’t you like it?” I asked.

She kept shaking her head. “No. No no no.” She even started tearing up. 

Still confused, I took her hands and asked her what was wrong. “Why don’t you like the tree? Are the lights too bright? Should we add some ornaments?”

She replied tearfully. “No. Don’t like it. Looks like the lights in my room. I don’t like them.” Then she cried even harder.

I didn’t understand her; her room was still mostly bare, an old un-decorated room at the back of the house. I hadn’t put any lights up there yet. But I figured, three-year-olds are fickle! She’d probably love the tree tomorrow, when she was in a different mood. “Okay, sweetie,” I said, and turned off the red lights. “We don’t have to finish the tree today.” 

She calmed down after that, but wanted to hold my hand for nearly the rest of the day, peering at the tree every so often like it was some big green monster.

After more unpacking, decorating, and making dinner, I was exhausted come nighttime. I had added more twinkle lights to the mantle and bannister, and with each new strand my daughter had gotten more and more upset. I really didn’t know what to make of her reaction, but I knew we could both use a good night’s sleep. For the past six nights she had cried to sleep in my bed with me. Tonight she had to stay in her room. 

After getting ready for bed, I took her to her room, nearly dragging her the last few feet. She was almost inconsolable, holding me tightly and crying, “No, don’t like the lights!” I was exasperated but she wasn’t going down easy, so I held her on her bed, gently rocking her back and forth. “Okay, sweetie, it’s fine. We’ll take care of the lights tomorrow. I’ll stay right here until you fall asleep.” 

Still she cried, and whispered, “No, no lights,” over and over. I kept rocking and patting her, until we both started settling, getting sleepy....

It must have been a few hours later, I came awake, still holding my daughter on her bed. It was alarmingly dark. I realized groggily I’d fallen asleep in her room, then tried to remember why I’d woken.

Then I heard the sound. 

A creak, low but long, like a hinge turning slowly. 

I stared into the room. It was too dark to see much, but after a pause, I heard another creak. It sounded too close to be the room door. But maybe...the closet door? Was it... opening? 

There came one more creak. Silence. Then, a shuffle.

Step. Shuffle. Step. 


Still asleep, my daughter started to  whimper.

Fighting a rising panic, I stared hard into the room, trying to see anything in the darkness. 

 Darkness until.... a sudden glow of lights. Small, red lights, inside the closet. Red, flashing. Then gone. 

I had imagined it, hadn’t I? But then.

Shuffle. Step. Step. Step. 

Stop. Silence. 

I choked on my scream when the lights came back. 

A set of red lights. Glittery, hard, cold.

At the foot of the bed. Like the little red bulbs on the Christmas tree. Except not like the Christmas tree.

Because the red lights didn’t twinkle.

They blinked.

Two red Christmas lights, but not Christmas lights at all. 

They were eyes.

It was the first and the last Christmas in our new house.

Ugly Holiday Sweaters for a Crypto-Paranormal Christmas!

It’s the holiday season! That means it’s time again for spreading Christmas cheer and breaking out the old holiday traditions: decorations, gifts, festive music (on every single radio station), family togetherness...

And ugly sweaters.

That’s right - the month of December is also the perfect time to pull out your hideous knitwear and proudly parade it in public, all in the spirit of Christmas! This year, TODAY, Friday December 21, 2018, marks National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

Whether you’re attending the annual office Christmas party, braving crowds of shoppers at every store, or curling up in front of the fire with a gallon of eggnog, make the scene picture-perfect by being as badly dressed as possible! For all of you fellow paranormal and cryptozoological enthusiasts, check out some of these truly terrible designs to inspire your ugly Christmas sweater collection:

Merry Krampus


You better watch out. You’ll probably cry. And if you pout, you’re going to die - Krampus Clause is co

min’ to town.


The only thing worse than this ugly Krampus sweater is paying $69.00 for this ugly Krampus sweater.


Does it make the sweater more or less ugly if it comes in vest form? Probably both.

A Very Cryptid Christmas


He sees you when you’re sleeping because he’s big enough to look into your bedroom windows.


This is actually pretty tame as far as ugly Christmas sweaters go, but the sweater model just looks so majestic.


“Yeti, eat a candy cane.”


“Because you turn into an angry badly dressed abominable snowman when you’re hungry….”





If you’re not sure whether your holiday yeti sweater is ugly enough, make it battery-operated and remove all doubt.


Holidays are all fun and games until someone gets impaled by a unicorn.


I don’t really want to have a hairy anything, thank you.


Every time a bell rings, a Mothman gets its wings.


Some kids want Santa to bring them a pony for Christmas. Other kids just want a legendary Scottish plesiosaur.

Yuletide UFOs


The alien invasion comes bearing gifts. And polka dots. So many polka dots.


Don’t go into the light!


Santa is out there.

Paranormal Pop Culture Christmas


Mix a little redrum with your eggnog for a festive holiday drink.


The perfect cardigan for your office Christmas party or casual Fridays at Ghostbusters Headquarters.


Better not feed this Gremlin sweater after midnight, or it’ll turn into an even uglier sweater.


Nothing screams Christmas cheer like a possessed homicidal doll.


On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, more shadow monsters in a new Season 3. (Seriously, when is Season 3 coming out?!)

Just Plain Creepy


Have yourself a creepy little Christmas.


Zombie Santa is going to need a little more than milk and cookies when he lumbers down your chimney.


I don’t know if this is paranormal or just really weird, but it is an actual nightmare before Christmas.

Scary, merry Christmas, everyone! Which ugly sweater will you be wearing this year?

A Time-Traveling Hero or the Internet’s First Hoax: Who is John Titor?

In 1957, the world asked, “Who is John Galt?” That year, Objectivism author Ayn Rand published her most famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, and the refrain throughout the story, “Who is John Galt?” wondered at the mysterious identity of a man who may or may not exist. “John Galt” seemingly appears and disappears from out of thin air, a faceless legend who cannot be traced but who has the ability to affect the future of a nation. The repeated phrase, “Who is John Galt?” became the universal way of asking a question no one could really answer.

In 2000, as the Internet was still evolving into a powerful information super highway, the world asked, “Who is John Titor?” Also seeming to appear from out of thin air, “John Titor” emerged, faceless and mysterious, on the Internet message boards of Coast to Coast AM and Art Bell. His message? That he was a time-traveling soldier from 2036, sent back in time to affect the future of a nation, and, maybe, save the world.  

The Messages of John Titor

When John Titor first appeared on internet message boards, he identified himself as “Time_Travel_0,” and posted a simple message about his mission and his means of time travel:

Titor's first message.

“Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975. My 'time' machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid.

 I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.”

The blueprints for Titor's time machine.

Immediately, believers and disbelievers alike started questioning John Titor. He responded with precise answers, detailed schematics, and even predictions of the future.

According to Titor’s subsequent posts, he revealed that he was chosen to travel back in time because his paternal grandfather had been involved with the assembly and programming of an IBM 5100 computer, which had the ability to help save the future. Titor had travelled back to 1975 to obtain the computer, and made a stopover in the year 2000 to collect family keepsakes that were lost to him in a future civil war. (In an interesting parallel, the fictional John Galt had a special electrical motor that gave him the ability to help rebuild the world, after an inevitable and widespread government collapse.)

Are these really the instructions for operating John Titor's "time displacement unit"?

The time machine unit.

Titor’s messages also included details of his time machine, which seemed to be made of many highly scientific parts. In addition to the device features he described in his very first post, Titor shared that his time machine also contained: two magnetic housing units for dual micro singularities; an electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of micro singularities; four main cesium clocks; three main computer units; gravity sensors; and a cooling and X-ray venting system. In the style of “Back to the Future,” Titor claimed his time machine device was installed in the back of a car. But instead of a clunky DeLorean, Titor traveled through time in a much sleeker 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible!

Along with these elements of his mission and his time machine, Titor revealed other “facts” of the future, which were composed of oddly specific details. Time travel, Titor claimed, was invented in 2034 by General Electric. He himself was an American soldier based out of Tampa, Florida, who started his service by joining a shot gun infantry in 2011. He noted that in the future "people spend much more time reading and talking together face to face. Religion is taken seriously and everyone can multiply and divide in their heads." Titor even touched on the topic of UFOs, which he noted were still mysteries in 2036, though he suggested that UFOs – and extraterrestrials – may also be time travelers, though from a far more advanced future than that of 2036.

Between November 2000 and March 2001, John Titor posted many messages and responded to many questions, from believers and skeptics alike. But his sudden online emergence - and his equally sudden disappearance - gave rise to a number of important questions that are still unanswered. Was John Titor a real person? Were the messages of “Time_Travel_0” just a hoax? Is there any concrete proof of Titor’s claims? It has been over 17 years since John Titor’s final farewell post, but the speculation about his existence continues.

Was It All an Elaborate Hoax? 

As with any subject dealing with the unknown, the unproven, and the extraordinary, there are many who are skeptical of the veracity of Titor’s identity and claims. Is the story of John Titor one of the biggest hoaxes of the early 21st century? Several key clues point to “Yes.”

The biggest evidence of a hoax are the future predictions John Titor announced on the message boards: most of them never came true. 

Titor's ominous advice for the people of the early 21st century.

Titor’s most dire prediction foretold of civil war in the United States. It would begin, he said, in 2004 as civil unrest surrounding the presidential election. “Order and rights” would be the main source of conflict, and a “Waco type of event every month that gets steadily worse” would occur until the war fully escalated in 2008. The result would leave the United States divided into five new regions. But that wouldn’t be the end - Titor further predicted that the U.S. civil war would be the trigger that sparked World War III in 2015. One possible cause involved “border clashes and overpopulation.” WWIII would see nuclear attacks exchanged with Russia, and, though the war would be brief, 3 BILLION people would end up dead. Fortunately for the world, these events never happened.

Other of Titor’s less frightening predictions also never came to pass, but most maintained the same level of elaboration. For instance, Titor claimed that there would be no official Olympics held after 2008, but they were anticipated to begin again in 2040. After WWIII, which he called “N Day,” he named Omaha, Nebraska as the new capital of the United States. Titor also warned of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, a fatal degenerative brain disorder, being spread through beef products. The disease is rare, seeing less than 1,000 cases per year, but Titor seemed to believe the threat of it was imminent, and said he tried to warn the public for months. To date, there have been no outbreaks of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

The design of the alleged military insignia of the Titor's military unit in 2036.

Lending further credence to John Titor-is-a-hoax is the widespread belief that he was manufactured by Lawrence Haber, an entertainment lawyer based in Florida, and his brother Morey Haber, a computer expert. Their involvement was suspected after an Italian TV program, in 2008, used a private investigator to hunt down more information about John Titor. While the investigator found no evidence of the existence of an actual John Titor, he did discover that the Habers appeared to have a heavy involvement in all things related to Titor. For instance, Larry Haber is the CEO of the for-profit John Titor Foundation, which was established in 2003 and holds a copyright on the military insignia design that Titor stated was the symbol of his 177th military unit. Morey Haber, as a computer programmer at the turn of the 21st century, had the technical knowledge to perpetuate such an online hoax. Larry Haber also claimed to represent John Titor’s mother, Kay Titor who, like Titor himself, has never been seen in the flesh. For those who have the time to watch, independent investigator John Razimus created a nearly two-hour-long video that claims to have “smoking gun” evidence which reveals Morey Haber to be the man behind John Titor. The more one attempts to research, the more it appears that the figure of Titor, whether fabricated by the Habers or some other party, is in fact a work of science fiction.

But Could It Be True?

But despite evidence against it, could John Titor and his time traveling ability be true? As the saying goes, anything is possible. 

There are still many believers of the John Titor legend, and they are quick to point out that, even though his predictions didn’t come to fruition, the information he disclosed was too elaborate to be falsified.

The 5100 IBM model John Titor traveled to 1975 to collect.

Titor reveals the 5100 IBM's hidden feature.

One interesting piece of evidence that gives believers hope, and could give nonbelievers pause, lies in the 5100 IBM computer that Titor allegedly returned to the past to obtain. When asked about his mission, Titor explained that he needed a 5100 IBM model because of its ability to debug and emulate code between various programming languages, which they were lacking in 2036. He stated that this feature was accidentally added to the 5100 by IBM, but was never disclosed to the public, remaining hidden and then removed from future models. After Titor’s claim was posted online, 5100 IBM engineer Bob Dubke confounded the public by confirming that IBM had, in fact, hidden this functionality in the 5100 and never released the fact. So how did Titor know?

Another theory of Titor truthers (which is more logical speculation than true evidence) explains away his unrealized predictions quite simply: Titor’s mission changed the future, so his predictions couldn’t come to pass. In one of his messages, Titor shared that, “As far as the future goes, your worldline is about 2.5% different than mine . . . As far as I can tell, you are headed toward the same events I would call ‘my history’ in 2036.” 

But he follows up this statement with one that stands as his “get out of jail free” card for everything – like the entire future - that would come after him: “However the very nature of time travel states that every worldline is unique and you are very much in control of what you do and how you get there.” 

So - did we somehow alter the future after Titor shared his predictions? Did his mission change the events of the intervening years between his journey back in time and his return home? Or maybe, with the 2.5% difference between worldlines, Titor simply got some dates wrong, and his predictions are still yet to come?

Did we somehow alter the future after Titor shared his predictions?

If you’ll recall, Titor’s worst predictions included civil unrest surrounding a presidential election, order, and rights, war with Russia, border clashes, and a divided U.S. Arguably, the 2016 presidential election elicited more civil unrest than the United States has seen in many years, if ever. Fueling some of the unrest were (and still are) issues of order, rights, and borders, not to mention tensions over Russian relations. Division in the U.S. is also arguably at an all-time high, as political parties fight over endless irreconcilable differences. Also in recent years, a nuclear WWIII has never been more of a possibility, as the U.S., Russia, and North Korea frequently find themselves in the midst of escalating hostilities. These points are mere speculation, but the similarities to Titor’s predictions, though off by about 12 years, are eerie. If we consider that Titor’s predictions were true but shifted slightly in time as our worldline altered, there is always the possibility that the same, or a similar, chilling future is still on the horizon. The loophole of an ever-shifting, flexible future may very well be the strongest argument in John Titor’s favor.

Goodbye for Now, or Goodbye for Good?

After multiple posts and warnings, John Titor disappeared as mysteriously as he emerged. On March 24, 2001, he shared his last message, which you can read here. Believers and nonbelievers together were left looking for answers to different questions. Was John Titor a real time-traveling soldier who materialized to warn us about the future? Or was he the first great internet hoax?

Though clear answers to these questions would certainly solve a longstanding mystery, the answers, surprisingly, may not be what matters most.

John Titor, real or hoax, knew his story may not be believed, and he did not care. Instead, when he took leave of the internet in 2001, he used his some of his posts to address the state of present-day society. In one message Titor wrote: 

A photo allegedly to be from 2035, showing the demonstration of a handheld laser.

“Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.”

John Titor is not concerned with being called a fraud.

John Titor is not concerned with being called a fraud.

There are no paradoxes; only possibilities.

There are no paradoxes; only possibilities.

Looking at this blunt message through the lens of today’s tense political climate and schisms between many people groups, it is a sentiment that feels both timely and cautionary. It is also not the only time Titor  alluded to the negative aspects of the present-day world that he was addressing. Several of his messages include warnings, directly and indirectly, about our society as a whole; still others mention how the future, no matter its anticipated trajectory, always has the possibility of being changed.

Whether one believes Titor’s story or not, these messages still offer comments reflective of our world, compelling us to take at least a moment to evaluate the present, and wonder at how it could be altered going forward. Although he shared numerous posts on a variety of subjects, in the end, could the figure of John Titor have really been some sort of moral compass, trying to point the way to a different future? After all, what is it that matters most - whether we believe John Titor’s story, or whether we believe in shaping the future ourselves?

In “Atlas Shrugged,” Ayn Rand created the character of John Galt as a 20th century symbol of change in a failing world. Through his anonymous identity and clues he left behind him, Galt became a figure of legend, altering the future behind a curtain of mystery. Similarly, John Titor (or whoever created him) also a managed to construct an enduring legend. Even if he is a work of fiction, some of his messages - clues he offered about the present-day 21st century - have a ring of truth. And if he really is a man, not just a myth, then time travel and the many possible futures available to us mean it’s all the more important that we the future we end up in is of our own making.

Will it be as “John Titor” predicted? Will the “worldline” change, for better, or for worse?

…Who is John Titor?


THE CONFESSIONALS EXCLUSIVE: Are Old Legend Giants Living in the Modern Day World?


And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.
— Numbers 13:33

Throughout historical lore and legend, there is one fearsome figure who looms large, in a very literal sense, in stories told by numerous cultures and peoples around the world: the Giant

From Biblical accounts to Native American oral tradition to children’s fairy tales, stories of giants in human history have been handed down for thousands of years and across multiple countries.

David faces Goliath.

David faces Goliath.

Thence we sailed on, grieved at heart, and we came to the land of the Cyclopes, an overweening and lawless folk...
— The Odyssey

In the American Southwest, the Paiute tribe tells tales of war between their people and the Si-Te-Cah, a race of cannibalistic, cave-dwelling, red-haired giants. In Norse mythology, the Jotun are a giant race of nature spirits with superhuman strength. The Gigantes of Greek and Roman history are strong, oversized, monstrous men, like the Cyclops, who were descended from the gods. The Christian Bible features not only the famous story of David versus the giant Goliath, but numerous tribes of giants, some strangely marked by six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. There is even the aptly titled Book of Giants, a fragmented, apocryphal text found among the Dead Sea Scrolls that depicts the birth of giants, called the Nephilim, into the pre-flood world, when the sons of God impregnated the daughters of man.

Cyclops on the hunt.

Cyclops on the hunt.

All of these cultural accounts - and there are so many more that can be referenced - bear their own unique narrative elements, but there is one constant that connects them all: the evident and universal existence of the Giant.

Fortunately for puny humans everywhere, these accounts of huge fearsome beings stalking the earth have faded into legend, turning the existence of the giant into nothing more than a bedtime story - haven’t they...?


...Not exactly. Although giants no longer feature prominently in the makeup of the modern world, stories of real live giants have not altogether stopped. While present-day encounters of the strange or supernatural seem to largely consist of UFOs and paranormal activity, sightings of giant humanoids, though more rare, are no less significant. Below is a small collection of these possible giant sightings from the 20th and 21st centuries:

When these great men or giants had thus made their settlement and dug these wells or cisterns, they destroyed and ate all the supplies they could find in the neighborhood. It is said that one of them ate more than fifty of the natives of the land...
— The Royal Commentaries of the Incas

During the bloody battle of Guadalcanal in WWII, Japanese soldiers reported terrifying run-ins with 10-to-15-foot-tall hominids in the Solomon Islands. While these giants were (and still are) common knowledge to the local inhabitants, the soldiers found them quite aggressive - some brandishing clubs - and also resistant to bullets. 

Still from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film.

In 2015, a mountain rescue team claimed to see 8-foot-tall beings climbing the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. According to the team, the unidentified creatures mounted the glacier at inhuman speed, covering a large area, which the team had taken 3 - 4 hours to traverse, in only 10 minutes.

The elusive 7-to-10-foot-tall hairy cryptid known as Bigfoot is still sighted regularly around the world in its various guises - Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Sasquatch… the list of names and sightings goes on. The most famous sighting, propelling Bigfoot into popular culture, is of course the Patterson-Gimlin film taken in 1967, but records of encounters go back through at least the 1800s. Some believers theorize Bigfoot is a form of Nephilim, like the giants of old.

Perhaps the most infamous encounter of the modern age is the story of the Giant of Kandahar. According to reports, in 2002 a U.S. Army squad went missing in the desert of Afghanistan, and a Special Ops Task Force was sent to locate them. After traveling along remote mountainous terrain, the task force came upon a large cave entrance, strewn with broken military equipment. Before the soldiers could enter the cave, they were attacked by the cave’s single inhabitant - the Giant of Kandahar. Per eyewitness testimony, the giant stood 12-to-15 feet tall, sported red hair and a red beard, and had six fingers on each hand. He also carried an enormous spear that he used to impale one of the task force members before the rest of the team opened fire. The giant was allegedly so large and strong that it took 30 solid seconds of the task force shooting him in the face to finally bring him down. Following the mayhem, the giant’s body was removed by helicopter to an undisclosed U.S. base. 


This surreal encounter came to light in 2016, 14 years after the incident, when author and filmmaker L.A. Marzulli interviewed an unidentified member of the Special Ops force on his YouTube series “Watchers.” According to his witness, known only as “The Shooter,” their clash with the Giant of Kandahar is classified, the task force cannot discuss details, and the U.S. government has no plans to ever reveal that it occurred. Despite the forced secrecy, the story of the Giant of Kandahar managed to surface and to raise many questions, not only about the possibility of giants, but about how their existence may be being covered up. 



One such hypothetical coverup may have happened as recently as 2017, in another U.S. military-related mission. Since then, several whistleblowers have purportedly come forward to disclose that the massive MOAB bomb dropped on an ISIS territory on April 13, 2017 was used with an ulterior motive - to kill giants. If the claim of the unnamed whistleblowers is accurate, then ISIS terrorists may have been only one of the targets the MOAB bomb was intended to take out, or even a convenient cover story for eliminating a giant threat (literally) that the “Deep State” of government wanted to keep secret. When the 21,600-pound explosive was dropped over the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan, it was believed to have killed 94 ISIS fighters living in a cave complex.  But is it possible it killed something else that lived in the caves? Though most will consider such a story to be pure conspiracy theory - another giant urban legend - there are small but curious details that connect this theory with the account of the Kandahar Giant. 

Another curious detail is the name of the bomb itself. MOAB, an acronym for both the bomb’s official title “Massive Ordnance Air Blast” Bomb, and its unofficial moniker “Mother Of All Bombs”, is a biblical reference with a connection to Old Testament Nephilim. In Deuteronomy, the tribe of Moab battled a race of giants (one of several giant races) that they called Emim.  The Moabites emerged victorious, destroying the Emim giants and settling into the land they had inhabited.

The Emim had dwelt there in times past, a people as great and numerous and tall as the Anakim. They were also regarded as giants, like the Anakim, but the Moabites call them Emim. The Horites formerly dwelt in Seir, but the descendants of Esau [the Moabites] dispossessed them and destroyed them from before them, and dwelt in their place, just as Israel did to the land of their possession which the Lord gave them.
— Deuteronomy 2:10-12, New King James Version

Is it only coincidence that a bomb allegedly used to destroy modern-day giants bears the same name as a race of ancient giant-killers? Or was “MOAB“ carefully chosen to repeat biblical history when it was dropped over Afghanistan? Since the “Deep State” of government is not exactly forthcoming, the MOAB coverup story leaves us, again, with more questions and no true answers. Are giants really living in our modern world? 

Even more specifically, if we use the stories of the Kandahar Giant and the MOAB bomb as guides, could we find them in the mountains of Afghanistan?


A few months ago, The Confessionals was contacted by a soldier stationed in the Logar Province of Afghanistan. He shared some intriguing information he discovered while interacting with locals at a bazaar near his base. Though the information is limited, it corroborates other accounts of giants hidden in the Afghan mountains. The following exclusive details are what he has been able to learn and relay back to us:

  • While at the base market over the course of several visits, our contact directly asked a few locals what they knew about giants living in the mountains. When he described a giant as a “really, really tall person”,  he was met with confirmation of their existence - and was informed, multiple times, that everyone “stays the hell away from them”! 

  • The locals revealed that a tribe of these “really, really tall” persons is living in the mountains of the Afghan-Chinese border, on the Afghan side. One resident even pointed clearly to the location on a map. Since the border between China and Afghanistan is only 47 miles long, this is actually a considerably specific piece of information.

  • Though the locals confirmed the existence of the giants’ whereabouts, they don’t appear to possess abundant knowledge about them, but are also extremely reluctant to discuss them beyond their location and their repeated warnings to stay away from them. The soldier states that the residents spoke passable English until the subject of giants was broached, after which their language skills suddenly broke off.

  • Oddly though, despite their resistance to discuss the giants, some locals did also mention that these beings do not sleep in a lying-down position, but rather in more of a sitting position. How they are aware of this detail or why they divulged it is not known to us!

  • During correspondence with our source, we inquired about the rules that are in place for traveling through the Wakhan Corridor Nature Refuge, which is a strip of territory in Afghanistan that stretches into China. The source suggested that it is probably not a safe place to venture, as the Taliban controls over half of Afghanistan. He has found that the local bazaar is the only safe place he can interact with the Afghan people.

  • Less than a week after this interchange, our source got in touch to say he had come across one of his own local contacts during another visit to the market, and asked him about the Wakhan Corridor Nature Refuge. That contact reported that although the Taliban does not control that specific area, it is still completely unsafe for a number of reasons: 1) There are border tensions; 2) There is no infrastructure out there; 3) The wildlife is dangerous; 4) The terrain is very rough and mountainous; and finally 5) “There is that tribe of Giants.” The advice given by our contact’s contact was to avoid the Wakhan Corridor Nature Refuge at all costs.

We are told that in the year 820 AD …way back in the days of the glory of Baghdad, the great sultan, the follower and descendant of the great El-Rashid of Arabian Nights, the Sultan El-Rashid Al-Ma’mun, decided to open the Great Pyramid. He had been told that it had been built by giants, who were called the Sheddai, superhuman beings, and that within that pyramid and those pyramids, they had stored a great treasure beyond the knowledge of man.
— excerpt of Manly P. Hall's lecture 'Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity'
Comparing the sizes of giants from history and lore.

Comparing the sizes of giants from history and lore.

As stated above, these details may be limited in quantity, but they are significant in what they succeed in revealing. While our Afghanistan contact may not have seen giants with his own eyes, it’s apparent from the information he shared that Afghan locals keenly believe in their existence; have some of them have even glimpsed a giant somewhere themselves? 

Large figure towering over men on the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin: a metaphorical or literal interpretation?

Large figure towering over men on the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin: a metaphorical or literal interpretation?

Also a compelling piece of information is the specific area along the Afghan-Chinese border that they named as the giants’ habitat. Though a mountainous 47-mile strip of land may not seem like an “exact location,” it’s a markedly precise one when compared to the rest of the country’s size. Afghanistan itself covers an area of 252,072 square miles, and borders six countries. The border it shares with Pakistan (its longest border) is 1,510 miles long. In contrast, the 47 miles of border Afghanistan shares with China (its shortest) suddenly becomes incredibly small! Interestingly, the Logar Province from which this information comes is actually hundreds of miles from the reported location of the giants along the Chinese border. And yet, the threat they pose seems great enough that the locals repeatedly and adamantly warn against encountering them. We can only wonder what more these tight-lipped locals really know, and why they are so reluctant to reveal that knowledge.

The giant followed, and now the whole beanstalk shook and shuddered with his weight and Jack feared for his life.
— Jack and the Beanstalk

Much like the story of the Kandahar Giant and the MOAB bomb coverup, we are still left with more questions than answers. What are these so-called “giants”? Which accounts are true and which are purely lore? Are old legend giants really living in the modern day world? Though the stories, histories, and testimony we’ve addressed may not be conclusive proof, they seem to point to the existence of giants as less legend, and more real, than many regular-sized humans may like to believe.

For further insight into giants, Nephilim, and their origins, take a listen to The Confessionals Episode 4: Nephilim - Then and Now; Episode 18: L.A. Marzulli: UFOs & Nephilim Giants; and Episode 42: The Genesis 6 Conspiracy with Gary Wayne.

Are old legend giants really living in the modern day world?

Are old legend giants really living in the modern day world?

Written Confession: A Navajo Woman Shares Stories of the Skinwalkers

The following written confession was submitted via email, also following the release of Episode 95: The Roof Walker.

“This happened a long time ago.  I am not fluent in English, but I do my best.

 I'm Navajo women from the Four Corners area, and I grew up as a traditional Navajo.  This means my family conducted Navajo traditional ceremonies and we had lot of  ceremonies, and it was always healing ceremony and lot of prayers.  My grandpa, my dad's father was a medicine man.

 I live west of Shiprock, NM and the mountains are 15 miles on west and south of our home.    We had no trees around our house and I would describe it desert, and only big structure 3 miles east of our home is a big Shiprock Rock.  

My parents enrolled me, my young sister and my older brother in boarding schools at Nenahnezad, NM.  We went home on weekdays, but sometimes we stayed in the dormitory.  At home we had no running water and electricity and we lived in a small 2 room house.  There were two bump beds and one big bed, and kitchen table, cabinets and wood stove in the middle of the house.  The front door is facing east and divided room in the middle of the house.  There was three windows on east, south and west side.  The middle door is blocked because my cousins and her boyfriend lived on the north side.  We lived on the south side.  

My father and brothers started building new house it was about 100 yard south of the old house.  When skinwalker came we lived in the old house. Eight of us lived in that house including my parents.  Sometimes, I stayed with my grandmother.   I don't exactly remember my age, and looking at one of my younger sister age, she was about 4 years old, so this was 1978 and I was 13 years old.

This was on a weekend, we went to bed and light were out.  I was on bottom bump bed and my 11 year old sister was on top bump.  I can hear everyone dozing off.  I could not sleep, and I got up, and my sister help me get the splinter out of my right hand.  She hold the flash light for me.  


I hear the dogs barking.  They were chasing something and we listened,  they chased it behind the house and it jumped to the edge of the roof on south side of the house.  My bed is southwest of the room and the creature was climbing on top.  We turned off the flash light and my sister went under cover.  I slowly got up and I went across the room to wake up my parents.  I turned on the flash light, shined it in their face so they can wake up.  that did not help, and they said, it's a cat.  I'm I went back to my bed and went under the cover and listen.  By this time I heard it climbing and it was scratching the window as it climbed to the roof.  When it climbed, I can hear it breathing, and scratching the walls and windows, and when when it got on top, It sound like a person walking from south to north, round and round.  The dogs were barking and running around the house as it walked back and forth, and at one time it stopped.  He was not moving and suddenly, he   hit one of the dogs with a long 2" diameter pole.  My sister threw that pole on the roof a day before.  When the dog was hit, he was hurt.  I can hear that pole when it was thrown at the dog.  I laid in bed listening to the foot steps.  The foot steps is not a dog or a cat, it was a human, heavy person walking with two legs.  I fell asleep as I listened to the heavy steps.

The next morning, and I check the area.  There were weird foot prints, we tried to tell my parents but they just brushed it off.  No one paid attention to us.  The prints were not too clear because the ground was too hard. Since no one listens we didn't bother.  

Within four days my cousin passed away, she was 25 years old.  She is the one that lived on the north side of the house.   Before she pass on, on Sunday afternoon, she mentioned a bad headache, that was the last time I heard her talking about the pain.  In the afternoon, we went back to boarding school and by Wednesday Or Thursday my uncle came with the bad news.  She passed away after two or three day.  That was the hardest and saddest thing to take as a kid.  After she passed on, my family brought in a medicine man and he conducted a ceremony.    And he said, TWO OF YOU KNOW ABOUT IT.  Everyone looked at me and my sister.  We never repeated our story to the medicine man.  He said, "it's a man in a bear skin, and I saw he was on the roof of the house.  When it walk on the roof he was using a white powder and blew it over her.  He walked round and round and round and he blew some kind of power on everyone to put you all to a deep sleep.  He had a helper, it was a hummingbird, he did the lookout thru a peep hole.  He blew this white power on her and that is how she passed away.   Then he explained, I see lights, The light traveling toward our house.  It was like a bright flash light, not a spot light.  The medicine man says, tat is it, it is that light.  He conducted the prayers and chanted songs.  He prayed using sacred words, words I never heard.  He takes out the fire ashes and arrow heads to ward off the evil skinwalker.  After singing and praying for several hours, the light disappeared.

 At the time I did not fully understand what he meant, white powder.  Later my grandma tells me, that white powder is crushed human bone, and they get this from the graveyard.  She did not tell me much .

I asked my grandma too many questions, but sometimes, she told me, don't ask, you are not old enough to know.  My grandma always told us to close the curtains, and she said, skinwalker might be watching us close all the curtains.   Or she said, close all the curtains we don't want to see ghost. 

Another time, we had a ceremony in a hogan (one room and round house).  It was after midnight and my father was singing, and I heard the dogs barking close behind him.  I could not hear the songs, instead I heard the dogs.  My brother goes out and checked, they did not see anything. The next morning, I walked to the spot behind the hogan and  I saw a big spot on the ground, someone sat behind him and walked toward south west  The same foot prints, the one I seen before, and these prints had clear markings.  It was a human hand prints in the middle and bear claw around it.    My grandma yells at me not to follow the prints and leave it and my dad reassured me not to worry.  He said, we prayed all night and we will not let it get to us.   I am young and I wanted to know why, it keep coming only at night.  I yelled so loud to it, "why don't you come in day time and tell us what you want.  Don't hide behind that skin!

After a year the new house was finish and we moved in.  My youngest sister was about four or five years old.  Every evening I had to warm up the house.  Before we start the fire, I always take out the ashes and we took it out to a big 100 gallons barrel.  The barrel was set about 60 yard southeast of the new house.   


One evening when the sun was setting I had to do my chores. My youngest sister was helping me.  We put the ashes in the bucket and we walked out to the big barrel. It was getting dark and I could not see too far.  When we got closer to the barrel, I saw a big bear out in front of us.  We threw the bucket on the ground and we ran back to the house.  My sister is crying and screaming, Bear! Bear!  We got inside and shut the door.  Everyone is inside, cleaning the kitchen and not one person paid attention.  My sister was crying and ran to my mother.   She had night mares, she jumped and cries, Bear Bear Bear!  I noticed the dogs barking and always chasing someone outside.  She does not remember, and she never talks bout it.    Maybe a ceremony was done for her.

Then years went by, I did not live in that house and I moved to Arizona.  My parents lived in this new house, but there was no electricity and running water.  They used the white gas light at night.  The house is expanded to two story, and three bedrooms on the top floor and one bathroom.  The kitcheN, dining room and living rooms, and one restroom are at the bottom floor.   Two entrances from the east and bottom floor has 2 large windows on west side.  

My youngest sister is born in 1987 and she was about 6 years old when she saw a skinwalker.  This was 1993, her and    My youngest my young cousin are the same age.  They hang out together everyday.  

One evening they took a bath in the bottom floor bathroom, and using a white gas lantern.  They walked out of the restroom with the towels and holding the light, turned southwest of the room and they saw a goat looking at them.  This thing was standing behind the west window and looking straight at them.  They stopped and stood looking face to face with the This creature.  The face was an old man and it was wearing a goat skin, like a hoodie over his head and it had two horns.  They screamed and threw the white gas lantern on the floor no they ran to the kitchen.  My mothers runs out to see.  My sister and cousin were frightened and explained what they saw.  

They did not close the window curtains like my grandmother said.  The curtain is closed after they saw the strange skinwalker.  

I asked my sister about what she saw, she said, it was a man in a goat skin.  He was covered with the goat skin over his head, and two horns above his head.  He face was covered with some light and dark color.  He had big eyes and it did not blink, it had a strange look in his eyes, he had human eyes.  

When I was a kid my elderly cousin told me, I know how to witch people.  He was a scariest person to be around.  My brother saw him put some kind of powder on my mother.  He was standing behind her and blew it on her.  Within one hour, she started having pain on her back.  We had to take her to IHS clinic and then to a medicine man.   

Another day, My parents sent my older brother and I to drive to town to get food.  Town is 35 miles away and on way home, we saw that old man on the road.  We picked him up and I smelled alcohol on him.  He was too drunk.  He sat on passenger side and he starts talking about how he witch people.  He was trying to show us how he used his witch craft.  My brother turned up the radio and I looked away from him.  My brother tells him, we don't want to know . He passed always when I was in high school.  

Today,  when someone says skin walker, my response to that,  "Who would still practice it".  I think it died down because skin walkers was practice by the elder Navajos and they could speak in Navajo and they know how to sing in Navajo and chant.  Today over 50% Navajos did not speak Navajo, they don't know how to sing or chant in Navajo.”

Written Confession: Another Roof Walker Encounter?

The following written confession was submitted via email following the release of Episode 95: The Roof Walker.

“I was listening to episode 95 roof walker with kasey. She didn’t mention what city/town in Texas she was from. I had an situation where “something” ran across my roof. Never found out what it was but I am also from a town in Texas near the Mexican border where Santa clause wears shorts and has an accent . . .

Initially my heart dropped bc her story sounded familiar to mine. I lived in El Paso Texas with my older sister when I was around 17-18 years old. She worked 12 hour nights so I was home alone often. We lived in a 1 story ranch, behind it was a large drainage ditch and to the left was an alley. One night my boyfriend and I heard what sounded like a person take a couple of running steps and then jump off the roof. It shook my kitchen light. I was so freaked out! I thought it could be a weirdo off the alley or ditch. My boyfriend wanted to go outside and check but instead I called the cops and they didn’t find anything. Weirdly, my boyfriend thought it was a dog or cat, there’s no way foot steps that heavy were a random animal. They sounded adult weight or heavier. I believe it was after that incident that I heard someone turning the handle to my back door, I looked out but didn’t see anything. It’s possible it could have been some trouble makers messing around but it sure did scare me . . .”


Written Confession: UFO Lights in Arizona

The following written + video confession was submitted via email:

“the video was taken November 4 2012 in mesa, Arizona about a 15 min drive from Phoenix, AZ from beginning to end the lights probably lasted about 40 minutes the video is a lot shorter than that however the lights had started before I started recording and continue after I stopped recording I then hopped into my car and follow them a little and managed to get closer and reached an open field where I saw two of these objects together and suddenly one of them took a hard right turn and sped off at a really fast speed which led me to believe that these were not lanterns or anything like that because of the way that one turned and sped off and because of the way the other ones were acting it is my opinion that these were Somehow intelligently controlled my best guess is still drones however even if that is the case it's still a pretty crazy event and would have to be some kind of military exercise or something perhaps not even from our country that being said I do not rule out extraterrestrial activity these things were definitely unidentified flying objects”

Written Confession: The Mysterious Man in the Desert

The following written confession was submitted via email:


“… In Qatar I was finishing up my deployment. It had only been 6 months and 1 month to go, but it had been a long six months. I had some down time so I went to the showers. No sooner than turning the faucet knob, I heard my Staff Sergeant asking another Airmen if I had been in the shower. So I quickly soaped my body and just as I was finishing rinsing Sergeant slid the curtain and began briefing me for a post that I was personally requested to man. It was very odd, I know I'm a free body right now, but I'm not that well known and this was a very high security area. So I gathered my gear and headed to the armory for my weapon and transport to arrive.

Expecting an armored Humvee, as we always traveled in, I was surprised to see a taxi from the city of Dubai pull up. Not thinking that this was my transport, I just stood there. Focused on this vehicle, it had obviously been allowed on base, but very weird to see a taxi in this area of the base. A Saudi Arabian man was the driver. He was a civilian, but seemed to carry himself as if he worked for someone, maybe powerful. Probably worked for us. Anyway, The man stepped out and asked for me personally … I asked him if I could ask him his name, but he just kept walking passed me, and walked into the armory where he made contact with someone. He then walked out and my Sergeant leaned out of the door and said go with him, man the post and closed the door. I hesitantly followed the man to the car where he asked me to sit in the back and unload my weapon. I did get into the back seat opposite of him so I could see him, and I removed the magazine from my weapon, leaving a round in the chamber.

We then crept of the base, out of the heavily manned gates and into the darkness of the desert. The desert here is more like what we see, maybe out west here. We traveled in darkness with very dim headlights for I remember like 35 minutes or so. I didn't make conversation or press him for questions. I focused on my surroundings and his body behavior. We began approaching a light, at this time I am already tired. I had been awake for 14 hours and the post I was to relieve would be a 12hr plus shift, so I remember thinking when I saw the small light, man I'm going to fall asleep and go to jail. As I watched the light and as we got closer a very surreal feeling began to wash over me. I'm not sure if it was just the strangeness of the whole taxi driver or if it was just that I was tired but I felt like we were approaching a dream. Like we were leaving reality and going into an isolated realm.

As we reached the destination, we both exited the vehicle. I immediately placed the magazine back into my weapon, and waited for the driver to walk on ahead of me. I double checked I had everything and followed the driver to the post. I noticed that the post was a very small, mobile shack. It had a window, a sign in sheet with very few names and a pen. The man I was relieving was and Army staff sergeant. He looked at my rank and asked me my security clearance. He then contacted his control via radio and looked at me and nodded. Then he followed the driver back to the taxi. I observed the shack, and stepped out to the Area of Responsibility to begin my shift.

I looked back at what I was securing. The whole area is surrounded by c-wire, kind of piled and arranged as a border around the area, then a buffer zone and then another border of c-wire in which stood about 4' high but was spread out about 5'. There is a very large, sand colored tent in which is being used as a SCIF, or a sensitive compartmented information facility, in the middle of all of this backed up against a hill that is about the same height as the tent . It stands about 10' tall in the center, but looked to be 30' wide by approximately 50' long. The tent, was more like a building. There was no noise coming from it and I heard that they are camouflaged to radar and aerial photography. I noticed what looked like large transformers and IT equipment, also camouflaged. I saw large dollies used to move these units around, and I noticed that all of the cables converged into these sealed tight holes going into the tent. It was poor lighting and I didn't want to seem too nosy so I focused on the area surrounding the post and stood, stationary at a position that gave me maximum view of all avenues of approach. Maybe I did glance at the vastness of the stars periodically. Besides the night felt very surreal. I wouldn't say bad energy. But very quiet, very weird. I felt like I was on the set of a movie and everything around me was actually props, and even the sand wasn't real. I began imagining that I was somewhere else. I imagined that I was actually looking at the sky from my childhood home.

Suddenly two men in army uniform walk out of the SCIF, the sign in sheet seems to have no sign out area so I try to engage these men. I notice they have brass so I salute and ask for their names. They are talking and they both salute, but ignore my question and just keep walking. I see no vehicles except for a white Ford Escape that they do not approach but keep walking into the dark. Now, I'm not completely sure how far from Dubai, or another SCIF or base we are, but I am stumped as to why they were walking this distance. Anyway, I go back to work and all is well. After about 8 or 9 hrs of nothing, no sign ins or anything I am standing next to the door of the shack staring at the beautiful, awe inspiring sunset. It was so beautiful that it made me think of god and thank god for this beautiful sunset.

As I am doing this, I am feeling the most beautiful, feeling I have ever felt, a man gently lays his hand on my shoulder. This did startle me a bit, but my body did not jump. I looked back at him then turned around to see an older man. A white man, with white parted hair. He looked to be in his early 70's. He had the most welcoming smile on his face and he just opened up his arms. I felt a feeling that I will never be able to fully describe. I felt like I just walked up to my actual older brother, Micheal in the middle of the dessert, 3000 miles from home. But yet, I did not know this man, not at all actually. Never had saw him sign in. I never even noticed him coming out of the SCIF. I did hug him back. Actually I embraced him and felt a love from him I had not ever felt from even my own parents. He placed his hand back on my shoulder and looked straight into my eyes. And with a very humble tear in his eyes he began to explain.

He did speak English, however he was in civilian clothing, I guess what you would expect a 70 year old man to wear, like dress pants and shoes, with a dress shirt and jacket. I believe it was like a navy blue jacket, maroon shirt and navy blue pants and black shoes. He had an accent, however it was super weird. I had never ever heard an accent like his. It was almost gibberish but also very clear. I know. He explained to me that he was so excited to have this chance to see me. He said that we are great friends. We have lived many lives together. He said you are my brother, my best friend, my father, my husband. He stated, that we have lived many many experiences together. As he's explaining this to me he has his hand on my shoulder the whole time. I begin to feel an extremely weird almost Deja Vu feeling. And I feel such a connection that his presence feels eerily familiar. I remember feeling almost dreamlike and so overwhelmed with emotion that I was crying. Not hysterical, but just listening yet in a like hypnotic trance.

He just kept going on about our life's together until we were interrupted by two army officers walking up to the gate, I hadn't noticed but they had just pulled up in a white ford eacape, I never even heard them. They were fast approaching when the man looked at them looked at me and said, so patiently. " what a pleasure to have gotten this chance to see you, he gave me a half hug, looked me in the eyes, then looked into my shack and said give your' family a call. In my mind I said I wish, and I began to ask him his name when he turned around and just so persistently began walking back to the tent. He was going in the door when the officers said hey Airmen we don't salute here or what. I snapped to, apologized and signed them in.

When I went back to the shack however, I found a phone sitting on the desk. An old school, corded landline phone that had dial tone. I understand that I had to use a certain number to dial the states and thought I was out of luck when I found the number on the face of the phone. So I called my mom, then my brother, and many more people until my shift was over.

To this day that shift feels like a dream. Mixed with all of the other experiences I had in the service, that night sticks out the most, but is the most blurry. I have told myself the facts so many times since that day that I know that these are the facts. But the memory is getting fuzzier and fuzzier every time I think of it. This day changed my whole life. My whole outlook on reality. It made me realize that I am not my body. I am my mind, and possibly even bigger than that. Whatever this is, it's here for us, so no matter how your life turns out, you will always have more time …”

Have you ever experienced the mysterious man in the desert, or someone like him? If so, share with us in the comment section!



Queue up your favorite podcatcher and prepare to audio binge this weekend - Sunday, September 30 is International Podcast Day!

First celebrated just a few years ago in 2014, International Podcast Day was founded by Steve Lee, entrepreneur and founder of Modern Life Network, to draw attention to podcasting as an auditory medium for both entertainment and education. Since podcasting was created in the early 2000s, it has steadily risen in popularity, as more listeners and wider audiences turn to online audio for their content consumption. As of 2018, 48 million people in America alone tune in to their favorite podcasts on a weekly basis! A few more quick facts about podcasts:

  • Podcasting was originally called “audioblogging.”

  • Media personality Christopher Lydon, software developer David Winer, and MTV VJ Adam Curry have all been given credit for the invention of podcasting.

  • There are over 525,000 active shows and 18.5 million episodes available in the podcast world.

  • The most popular pod genre is comedy, followed by education and then news.

  • 69% of listeners confirmed that they learned about new products or services through podcast ads.

  • 50% of all American homes listen to podcasts.

  • Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of 6 shows.

As podcasts continue to grow in prevalence throughout the world, it’s becoming clearer that they have fundamentally changed the way audio is consumed! In honor of this important and captivating medium, here are 7 ways that podcast fans can celebrate International Podcast Day:


1) BINGE ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST - which is of course The Confessionals, right?! (J/K… kind of.) Whether you go back to the beginning of your shows to re-listen with fresh ears, or indulge in a “best of” episode marathon, take some time this weekend to binge on your favorite pods!


2) SHARE PODCASTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - If you’ve discovered a gem of a podcast, don’t keep it to yourself! Share great shows or special episodes on all your social media platforms for friends and family to enjoy too. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #podcastday to draw some attention to your show!


3) LEAVE A REVIEW - Show podcasters some love! If you haven’t written a review for your fave shows, hop over to iTunes and post your 5-star review ASAP! Not only do these reviews let podcasters know that their hard work is being enjoyed, they also help podcasts rise through the charts of iTunes, and show podcast networks which podcasters are worth listening to (…and promoting!).


4) SHOW OFF YOUR FAN GEAR - Podcasts aren’t just heard, they can be seen too! September 30 is a day to shamelessly become a walking billboard for your podcast of choice. Wear your t-shirts, fill up your coffee mugs, put on your hats, fluff those throw pillows with your favorite podcaster’s face on them... if you’ve got pod fan gear, flaunt it! Your dedication to your pod may inspire a new listener to check out an episode or two (or 20). 


5) BECOME A SUPPORTER - If you’re interested and have the means, consider offering some financial support to your favorite show. From recording equipment to advertising to web hosting, there are a number of costs and investments associated with producing a professional, quality podcast on a consistent basis. A one-time donation or monthly patronage helps podcasters keep cranking out awesome shows!


6) TRY A NEW SHOW - September 30 is all about podcasts, from all over the world. Why not take the opportunity to dive into a brand new one! Do you have a show waiting in your queue that you just haven’t gotten around to starting? Are you dying to listen to a true crime show? Have you been looking for a fresh topic to expand your education? Take the day to plug in your headphones and press ‘play’ on a new podcast adventure.


7) THROW A LISTENING PARTY - Before the internet and television, families gathered ‘round their radio sets and listened to their nightly programs. While we’re no longer living in the Golden Age of Radio, we have decidedly progressed into the Golden Age of Podcasting! Just like the days of yore, gather everyone ‘round your listening devices this weekend, and enjoy everyone’s favorite shows together. Play a creepy paranormal pod next to a campfire in the woods. Lay out sleeping bags in the living room and listen to storytelling podcasts. Pick a niche show and learn a new skill in the company of friends (did you know that knitting podcasts exist? Because they do.). Whatever the event, listen en masse to your favorite podcasts with your favorite people!

Wherever you are, whatever you listen to, Happy International Podcast Day! How will you be celebrating on September 30? Share with us below!

Written Confession: Haunted by Ghosts, Abducted by Aliens

The following Confession was shared via email:

"This goes way back before I was born it will be a long story so you can  understand why, what  is  happening . I was born in cape town south Africa  in 1971 a June winter child my father is  sicilian  a WW2 baby his grandfather was a witch  doctor /medicine man, my dad was born with  something special and he has the same gifts which I  have  too passed down to  first born in the family. When I was a baby there was ufo  sightings  that my dad told me of we lived near the big power lines that supplies electricity to the Northern suburbs of cape Town  the western cape is a very large southern  region of  south Africa you must look it up on Google maps to get an idea it's very different to the USA and Italy  sicily  I was 18months  old and my sister  6 months old when we moved back to sicily  we come from  castellammare del golfo  a sea side village  of  sicily  a town full of history  going back to mythology we were living in the  historical  area  in an old house going back thousands of years  and I began experience of  super natural  phenomenona  even though at the time  it was all fun and games  my dad used to do exorcism and help people  and heal them too but I wasn't  allowed to  because of the  negative  future  karma  taking on these people's  negative  energies but he used my sister  once and somehow  I think  it has affecte her too, I will explain that later. I expierenced  enteties playing  practical  jokes on me and ufo  s . I can't  recall much  more  from when I was a young child because I blocked  it all but one reoccurring  haunting  still to this very day is haunting me it's a  tall black figure  when he comes for me he makes this horrid sounds  like something  rolling  down the  passage  but it's  weird I can't quite  describe it between  machanical and air rushing  he stands right by my head and has pitch black eyes huge ones he stinks of death or rotting decaying  matter and laughs out loud in my face  and says "I've got you"! Laughing  I am completely paralysed  screaming in my head I am calling  my dad, my mom  whom has passed away  4 years ago  so now it's  my dad I call, my granny  used to  comfort  me pray over me, they all did . Then we returned to south Africa  and we moved to the  northern  area  of cape Town  and we had moved to a new  built  suburb  new house  new school  new friends  and one day  as we were cleaning  up the  front  garden  I was standing  by the  newly built  parking  garage  and I saw this ghosts running  rushing  towards me he was really  evil and it went right  through  me it was the  most horrifying  experience of my life I began screaming  I was only 12 years  old at the time my dad came running to me "what's wrong? What's  happening  why are you crying and screaming?  My mom and  sister  came  running too and I explained what happened  and he comfort  me a little  bit  then began  joking  about it and we having a dry sense of humour  I began laughing too in the  meantime the enteties continued to bug me but I simply  ignored them, then the terrible  nightmares began I started seeing  airplane  crashes and other catastrophes  at the time I wasn't aware of what they meant or how I was having them. Then when I was 22 years old and my sister 20years old we went to  sicily to go live and work  there for a while  more than a year  that's when I started with the extraterrestrial  abduction my sister and I  were sleeping in separate  bedrooms and  the next day I asked her if she recalled being in a white room?  I was testing her to see if I really  expierenced  it , she said yes so we were both on a table  in a very  bright white room you couldn't  see anything  else and a male man was having  sexual  I can't  say it, the face kept changing  then we awoke the next day. And both recalling the  same  events,  we returned to  south Africa  and  continued living life, always  having the same  repetitive  experience's I just kind of  accepted . I have  written  most recalled memories  and drawn what the different  ufo's look like. As I get older I recall  the encounters more vividly and easily . They were  harvesting  my eggs and  I met babies, children and adults. Now currently  there's a couple of ghosts  wanting help and bug me while I am asleep and  wake me up  that really  upsets me as it's at two , three am in the morning  but this evil entetity  I have read the bible  psalms,  17:8 that one god  sent to me personally  he heard my cry for help.  I was warned about the  reptilian  race that came from God too. I am  a child of God  and  being a  human being  we are  have faults,  but how do I get rid of this  evil shape shifting  entetity?  My niece of 10years  old has seen it too she has the same gifts  as she is the first born in our family."


New York's Spooky Island of the Dead

New York City is home to many famous places: Broadway. Times Square. Central Park. The Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Wherever you are in the world, you've probably heard of these big-name attractions, located only in The Big Apple.

What you probably haven’t heard about are the 1,000,000 bodies located just offshore.

Yes, bodies. On Hart Island, a small plot of land in the Long Island Sound, approximately one million people are buried in a potter’s field. The lonely island has a long, eerie history that stretches into the present... where the freshly dead are still buried in open graves.

Hart Island, New York.

Hart Island, New York.

Hart Island satellite image.

Hart Island satellite image.

Hart Island’s history began during the Civil War, when the island - only a mile long and a quarter mile wide - was used as a prisoner-of-war camp. Over 3,000 Confederate soldiers were held there for four months in 1865; 235 of them died and were buried there, marking the island’s beginning as a massive gravesite.

Over the following decades, Hart Island became a place to isolate outcasts of society. In 1870, the island was used to quarantine patients during a yellow fever epidemic. In the late 19th century, it was the site of a women's lunatic asylum. Well into the 20th century, the facilities also functioned as a tuberculosis hospital, a workhouse for delinquent boys, a prison again, and a drug rehabilitation center. The island was even briefly a missile base - all the while amassing the bodies of men, women, and children in its public potter's field.

Hart Island burial, 1890.

Hart Island burial, 1890.

Along with the Civil War soldiers buried there, the dead of Hart Island are primarily the remains of the destitute, the unidentified, and the stillborn; even dismembered body parts have been disposed of in the mass graves. Called “City Cemetery,” the graves of Hart Island make up the largest tax-funded cemetery in the world. On a weekly basis, the bodies, in plain pine boxes, are stacked three high and 25 across in trenches. The process, carried out by inmates of nearby Rikers Island prison, is unceremonious, straightforward, and stoic.

For a long time, the burial sites were even reused: after 25 to 50 years of being buried (long enough to sufficiently decay) new bodies were interred on top of the old, crumbling ones. In 1977, vandals started a fire on Hart Island that destroyed most of its burial records to date, sadly eliminating the only remaining proof of existence for many of the deceased.

Also adding to its grim history are the deaths of four teenagers who drowned when they attempted to sneak onto the island. Only one body was ever found, washed up on the Hart Island shore.

Women's lunatic asylum on Hart Island.

Women's lunatic asylum on Hart Island.

Even though burials continue to occur each week, access to eerie Hart Island is very restricted. The public can only venture to the island by boat, once a month, and can go no further than a memorial and waiting gazebo at the dock. For those who have family buried on the island, a monthly visit is permitted to the burial site, but they must be accompanied by a member of the Department of Corrections. No public photographs are allowed, and paperwork to visit must be filed well in advance. Part of the restriction is a safety issue, as Hart Island is now a ruin of abandoned buildings from its previous incarnations. Among the structures are rusted hospital beds, old documents, discarded shoes, and empty caskets, creepy remnants of the island's long history. But it could be supposed that the restriction is also to ensure that the island graveyard, where so many unclaimed and unwanted have been laid to uneasy rest, stays out of the public eye. 

Mass graves, 1992.

Mass graves, 1992.

Despite its spooky history and mass corpses, a formal paranormal investigation has never been conducted on Hart Island. It is the belief of paranormal investigators that souls of the dead are undoubtedly trapped on the island, as witnesses and inmates who have been there have reported hearing the whispering of voices - many of them children - and the feeling of being watched. Hart Island has even made it onto lists of the nation’s “Most Haunted Islands.” But with so much difficulty accessing the site, it may never really be known how many of the dead still “live” on Hart Island.

Bones eroding from the earth on Hart Island.

Bones eroding from the earth on Hart Island.

Recently, however, it has been made known that the Hart Island dead are rising, in a very literal sense! After enduring years of storms, Hart Island is eroding. As the shoreline deteriorates, skeletons in the mass graves are being unearthed. Some of the bones are collected and reburied as they wash down the beaches, but still others are carried out to open ocean. Miranda Hunt of the Hart Island Project has revealed, “Entire skeletons are sort of falling out of the hill onto the beach, and then they're washed away with the tide.” The problem is so significant that the area of erosion has even become known as "bones beach." The rising skeleton situation has been ongoing since the 1990s, but only lately have efforts been made to stabilize the surfacing bones. The city is finally in the process of repairing the damage, but those repairs aren't scheduled to begin until sometime in 2019, giving ample time for many more displaced remains to simply wash away.

With its creepy past and gloomy present, it’s no wonder that Hart Island is not usually mentioned along with New York City’s famous landmarks. Indeed, there are actually a number of eerie New York islands that are kept quiet from the public, including similarly spooky North Brother Island - the strip of land where Typhoid Mary met her demise and New York saw its biggest loss-of-life disaster prior to 9/11. After over a century and a half of death and more than one million corpses, Hart Island is well-deserving of the title, “Island of the Dead.”

For more stories, facts, and photos of Hart Island, check out "Buried from the Public: Hart Island, New York" on Sometimes Interesting.

Hart Island burial trench.

Hart Island burial trench.

Our Trip to Alcatraz, America's Most Haunted Prison

Picture it: San Francisco, 2017. I was three months pregnant with our first child, Tony’s beard was at its zenith, and we were vacationing in Frisco for our ten year wedding anniversary! It was probably only our third vacation ever in the last decade, so every day we were checking multiple places off of our “must see” list. Our trip would certainly not have been complete without an excursion to a very famous and historical landmark - Alcatraz, one of America’s most haunted prisons.

A Brief History of Alcatraz Penitentiary

Known as “The Rock”, Alcatraz Penitentiary has a long, chilling history, which seems to echo through its dilapidated buildings as tales of Alcatraz’s hauntings continue to this day. 

Originally built as a military fortress in the 1850s, Alcatraz was converted into a military prison in 1868. Situated one-and-a-quarter miles offshore in the San Francisco Bay, the island’s steep, rocky topography and location in shark-infested waters made it an ideal place to confine violent criminals. The first fortress-prison was demolished in 1909, and a new prison was rebuilt in its place by the prison’s own inmates. After the prison fell into disrepair in the 1920s, it was again closed, restructured, and reopened in 1933, this time as a federal prison claiming to be “escape-proof.” Alcatraz continued to function as a prison for dangerous federal criminals until it was closed by Robert F. Kennedy in 1963, due to the huge financial cost it required to keep it in operation. A few years later, in 1969, a group of Native Americans claimed the island, and held it in occupation for two years, before being forced out by federal marshals in 1971. Finally, in 1972, the island prison was added to the new Golden Gate Recreation Area, and officially opened for tourists and the public.

The Haunted History of Alcatraz

At any given time, approximately 250 dangerous prisoners were housed on Alcatraz, including gangsters Al Capone and “Machine Gun” Kelly, crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger, and murderer Robert Stroud, “The Birdman of Alcatraz” - just to name a few of the criminals from the prison’s bloody history. The reasons Alcatraz earned its title as the most haunted prison in America are many. Some of the creepy occurrences contributing to Alactraz's haunted legacy are as follows:

  • Statistics: During its years of operation, there were 14 escape attempts from Alcatraz, involving 36 men. Twenty-three of the men were caught, 6 were shot dead, 2 were confirmed drowned, and the remaining 5 were thought to have drowned, either in the bay or swept out to sea. (The government's official position is that no one has successfully escaped from The Rock; however, conspiracy theories abound about three men, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, surviving their escape attempt, never to be recaptured. You can check out this fascinating story here!) In addition, Alcatraz saw 8 murders by inmates, 5 prisoner suicides, and 15 deaths by natural causes or illnesses. (Want more Alcatraz facts? Go here!)
  • Psychological and physical trauma: The treatment and punishment of prisoners was reported to have resulted in psychological and physical trauma for some of the inmates, a number of whom were driven insane before their time on The Rock was concluded. Some of these treatments and punishment included:

 - The Spanish Dungeon: Located underneath Cellblock A are cells is known as “the Spanish Dungeon.” Reportedly used during Alcatraz’s military prison era, the dungeon cells were used for the more “unmanageable inmates,” who would be taken below and chained to the bars of the dungeon, allegedly without clothes and food on some occasions.

- The single Strip Cell: Feared by inmates, the Strip Cell was a steel-encased cell with no sink or toilet where unruly prisoners would be locked, without clothes, in total darkness. Offenders were usually placed in the freezing cell for 1 to 2 days at a time.

- The Hole Cells: The Hole cells were similar types of cells, where prisoners were isolated from others and provided with only the bare minimum to survive- bread, water, a low wattage light bulb- for sometimes up to 19 days. 

  • Cell 14D: Cell Block D is the most famously haunted cell block. In 14D, one of “the Hole” cells, a prisoner in the 1940s once spent the night screaming that a creature with red glowing eyes was killing him. In the morning, the inmate was found dead by strangulation, and no person was ever discovered to be responsible for his death. 
  • The Battle of Alcatraz: From May 2 to May 4, 1946, inmates attempted to take over the prison. The 3-day fight and standoff resulted in the deaths of 2 corrections officers and 3 inmates, and the injury of 11 officers and 1 inmate. Two convicts who participated in the takeover were later executed (at San Quentin) for their roles in the officers’ death. (You can read more about the frightening Battle of Alcatraz here.)

These events are only a number of potential causes of paranormal activity stemming from Alcatraz's long history. The book Ghosts of Alcatraz by Kathryn Vercillo shares an introductory history and many haunting experiences that have taken place on the island. One excerpt from the book reads:

"Not too far away, just off Cell Block C, is the Utility Corridor where three prisoners who attempted to escape (Coy, Cretzer, and Hubbard) were ultimately captured and grenaded to their deaths. In this same corridor, a welded shut door muffles the eerie sounds of the spirits on this cellblock . . . A guard who was watching the area at night heard odd noises coming from behind the door. It sounded as though something was knocking around in the corridor down there, but when the guard opened the door, he saw nothing that could possibly be making the sounds. He closed the door and was going to continue on his security rounds, but as soon as the door shut behind him, the noises started up again. Thinking that someone must be in there playing some sort of joke on him, the guard opened the door again and looked around the area extensively. He never found the source of the noise. When he closed the door again, the noises again resumed . . . Since that time, this area has been blocked off and that particular door has been welded shut."

In the many decades that have passed since the 1850s, strange events and encounters on the island have never ceased to be reported. From whispering in the cells, to ghostly figures, to sounds of clanging bars and doors shutting, to disappearing smoke, to cold spots and areas where visitors are suddenly overcome with emotion, there are no shortage of ghosts lingering in Alcatraz. 

Our Alcatraz Experience

I'll answer the big question first - no, we didn't encounter any otherworldly activity on Alcatraz! However, our trip to Alcatraz Island was an experience not to be missed (although we almost did miss it!) - and we're glad we had the opportunity to go!

Alcatraz, as one of the most important "must see" items on our trip agenda, was the first big attraction we intended to visit while in San Francisco. But, when we showed up at the ticket office bright and early on the first morning of vacation, those plans hit a bit of a snag: tickets to Alcatraz were already sold out, for the entire summer. With daily tours leaving every 30 minutes, every day, we were dumbfounded that there was nothing available - even considering the landmark's popularity - for the next two months! 

Trying not to cry at this disappointing news (which is the natural reaction to any kind of news when you're pregnant) I jumped on my Smartphone and started searching the Alcatraz Cruise website. We couldn't come all the way to San Francisco and not make it to the "main event" of the trip, right?! Lo and behold, the site came through for us: there were two tour tickets available online, for two days later - the only openings for the entire week! The tickets were promptly loaded into the virtual cart (thank you, pervasive consumer-based technology), and we returned to the pier later that week for our boat ride to Alcatraz. And, lesson learned: always pre-order tickets for popular national attractions before flying across the country to visit them.

Even in June, the ride to and from Alcatraz across the San Francisco Bay was freezing. The wind whipped hard enough to take your breath away, the waves were choppy, and fog rolled in and out across the horizon. From the mainland, Alcatraz looks comparatively close to shore, but after crossing the channel, it's difficult to imagine how a prisoner could actually survive a swim from the prison to dry land. (Lookin' at you, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers... in whichever undisclosed country you're hiding out in.)

If you're looking for a creepy island where you can enjoy ghostly horrors of the past — and who doesn't look for that in a vacation? - Alcatraz is the place to visit! It’s remote, eerie, and desolate, even with hoards of tourists stomping around. There is a quote, often attributed to Mark Twain, that says, "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." After visiting San Fran in the summer, we can both can attest to the truth of this statement; temperatures that week didn’t rise about the low 60s, and it was colder still on Alcatraz, surrounded by water and wind. The chill was everywhere, and the surrounding bay and sky alternated between blue and slate gray throughout the afternoon. Alcatraz is not a cheery place, to say the least.

We opted to skip a guided tour, although looking back I think it would have added even more to our experience by expounding on the island’s history. But since we both hate crowds and love abandoned places, we explored the eerie sights on our own, most notably:

  • The ruined buildings: Many of the island’s residence buildings are in ruins, some having been demolished and some destroyed by fires in 1970. It was interesting to note, though, (in a "Yikes, I hoped they always locked the doors" kind of way) how women and children - the families of Alcatraz’s guards - had lived only steps away from some of the country’s most dangerous criminals. 
  • The morgue: This wasn’t the large, laboratory-style morgue fabricated in Michael Bay’s movie, “The Rock.” (Although I won’t lie, that would have been cool too.) Alcatraz’s actual morgue is tucked away on the far end of the complex, housed in the entrance of an old Civil War tunnel. Despite its small size and the crowds around it, it was still a creepy place, with the mortuary slab still in place and the vaults shrouded in the darkness at the back of the room. Not a place you’d want to hang out in after dark. Or in broad daylight. Or at any time at all, really.
  • The cellhouses: Speaking of places you wouldn’t want to hang out in after dark... The cellhouses, the centers for the main horrors and hauntings comprising Alcatraz’s history and lore, were disturbing. Granted, decay and disuse have done them no favors, but they are still scary places. Cramped, stark, and with no exposure to direct sunlight, the cells were bleak sad cubicles. The buildings were also long and shadowy, ideal places for things that like to come out in the dark - and I don’t mean the Tooth Fairy (cue eerie musical riff). If not for the presence of so many people milling about, I think the overall atmosphere of the place would have felt much more ominous and agitated. My heart goes out to any lonely guard assigned to patrol Alcatraz at night; may he have nerves of steel and carry a big stick.

Although we didn't witness any ghostly activity, experiencing Alcatraz was well worth it, both for its storied history and for its potential to encounter the paranormal.  If you have the chance to see it, we recommend the experience! ...Just maybe call ahead for tickets. Please enjoy some of our touristy pictures of Alcatraz below, and stay tuned for a future blog post about our visit to Eastern State Penitentiary! (Because for some reason, we keep ending up at haunted prisons.)

And now I'm going to watch "The Rock."

Have you visited any famous haunted locations? Share with us in the comments!

Rocky Elmore BORDER PATROL TV SHOW in Production!

On Episode 15: Confessions of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Rocky Elmore, former Border Patrol agent and author, shared some of the paranormal experiences he and his fellow agents faced while working long nights on the border.

Now, Rocky is bringing border patrol stories to TV and the web! THRESHOLD: MYSTERIES OF THE BORDER PATROL is a half-hour docureality series that will investigate the Border Patrol’s adventures, murders, and myths.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.51.38 PM.png

Currently in development, the show chronicles dangerous and mystifying happenings along the 7,000 miles of America's borders, including rescues, disappearances, murders, and much more! Each episode will feature stories and reenactments that will grip fans from the very beginning - they're not your typical campfire stories!

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.52.13 PM.png

To learn more about THRESHOLD: MYSTERIES OF THE BORDER PATROL and to support the series, check out its crowdfunding campaign here: THRESHOLD: MYSTERIES OF THE BORDER PATROL WEBSITE!

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The 12 Best "Ancient Aliens" Memes on the Internet

In the world of memes, there may be none whose hair lives in greater infamy than that of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, better known as "that Ancient Aliens guy!"

With his explosive bouffant 'do and ardent belief that ancient humans once interacted with alien astronauts, Tsoukalos has become an icon of memedom. Although Tsoukalos has appeared on multiple shows across multiple channels, was the consultant producer of 23 episodes of Ancient Aliens, and speaks five languages, he is most famously known for the History Channel still-frame of his emphatic upraised hands and righteously big hair:


And also, of course, for his simple but totally quotable meme catchphrase: “ALIENS.”

It’s no surprise, then, that a (probably) limitless number of Tsoukalos’ Ancient Aliens memes abound across the universe - I mean internet. As an homage to aliens, memes, Tsoukalos, and his hair, we’ve compiled 12 of the best Ancient Aliens-inspired memes for you to enjoy!


12. Conspiracy Keanu asks the tough questions.



Cheeseburgers, delicious on any planet.


10. Ermahgerd! Meme inception.


9. When you hail from the southern hemisphere of space.


8. Where are all these Targets coming from?! 


7.  On a multiple choice test, the most common answer is usually ALIENS.


6. The X-Files was an excellent documentary.


5. I mean, it has to go SOMEWHERE.



“I’m not saying it was humans, but it was humans.”


3. Aliens are bald, so their knowledge of hair styles is just kind of a wild guess...


2. Don’t text and navigate through interstellar space.



1. The one, the only: the original meme that launched a thousand pics.

If you want to get in on the fun, you can create your own Ancient Aliens meme with the Ancient Aliens Meme Generator!   

Which of the many Ancient Aliens memes is your favorite? Leave us a comment!


Does Bigfoot really exist? And if so, what is Bigfoot? Bilco Productions, the creator of “Cultured Bigfoot”, is back to answer these questions with the second film in their Bigfoot trilogy, “Paranormal Bigfoot”!

The documentary, releasing this winter, will explore theories about the existence of Sasquatch, from flesh and blood creature to alien being to spiritual entity. The film will also feature interviews with some of the top names in the Bigfoot research field as they share their theories about the elusive cryptid.

Check out the teaser trailer for “Paranormal Bigfoot” below!

Their first film “Cultured Bigfoot” observes different points of view from the Bigfoot community, and is available on Amazon and Vidi Space.

Are you excited for the next edition of this Bigfoot series? Comment below!

Written Confession: A Life of Paranormal Incidences

The following Confession was shared via email:

Thought I'd let you know that I have had many "paranormal" things happen through out my life. It is a family trait and to me it is just normal life. Something needs to be truly remarkable to make it memorable.

My mother has had many psychic incidences during her life. One just happened to save my life when I was a toddler. 

We lived on an isolated farm that belonged to my father's parents, who also lived there but in another house. My father worked away. 

One day I began to choke. My mother couldn't fix it and didn't know what to do. It must of been quite bad because she grabbed me and rushed out to find my grandmother. When she was outside the garden gate she heard a voice in her head say words to the effect of "turn the child upside down". Which she did and whatever was stuck in my throat dislodged and I recovered. 

One time my when my eldest daughter was about 11 she woke up with a slight fever and felt unwell so I kept her home from school. An hour or so later I get a phone call from the school. They were concerned for my child, wanting to know if I'd taken her home. She had been seen at school that morning but vanished and they were very concerned. I told them she had not been to school and was home sick but they insisted she had been there. That evening there was an event on at the school that my daughter's class was involved in and because she had recovered we went to it. As we arrived one of her friends rushed up to her asking why she had vanished from school that morning. This other kid was adamant that my daughter had been there. This confirmed it to me that the school phone call had been valid.  I know of a phenomenon called "bi-location" and put the incident down to a case of this. I told my daughter that's what it was, no big deal. 

I have many stories, many more are forgotten. I've seen odd lights in the sky, had many out of body / astral events and encounters. Had a dark entity come into a house I was living in. (I'd never believed in them before or been scared like that).

I've had so many dreams that later came true. When I was young I was able to see what people where thinking, I could see thoughts forming. One very famous person - example happened when I was 15 and it bothered me so much it put me off ever wanting that to happen again. It was a member of the British royal family who'd just had a baby. 


Demonic Possession is Real and On the Rise

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 5.02.42 PM.png

Many people may be familiar with one of the most iconically frightening movies in film history: The Exorcist. The film features demonic possession, exorcism, and frame after frame of terrifying images. After watching (if you dare to watch!) you may be left disturbed, scared, or horrified. But the good news is, that movie is just a fake, made-up Hollywood plot! Right?

Not quite. Many people, of multiple faiths, believe demonic possession IS a real occurrence - and alarmingly, it is also apparently on the rise. 

In April 2018, the Vatican held its annual excorcism course in Rome, which was attended by at least 250 priests from 50 countries, a number that has more than doubled since the course’s inception in 2005. The increasing demand for exorcisms worldwide is being blamed on both a decline in Christian faith and on the internet for providing easy access to the occult, Satanism, and “pagan activities” that lead to addiction. In Italy it has been reported that half a million people seek exorcisms every year. The number of exorcisms performed in the UK has also been growing. And in the United States, priest-led exorcisms more than quadrupled between 2006 and 2016, jumping from 12 to 50, as priests expressed their struggle to keep up with the demand.

With demonic possession becoming so prevalent in the modern day, why does it still seem taboo to believe in such powerful spiritual activity? Why do we not start looking beyond the curtain of Hollywood movie sensationalism and take the subject more seriously? 

Because, according to Dr. Richard Gallagher, a private psychiatrist and a professor at New York Medical College and Columbia University, demonic possession is often treated as or confused with mental illness. A devout Catholic himself, Dr. Gallagher believes that possession, though rare, is very real. In the last 25 years, he estimates that he has seen about 100 cases of true demonic possession, during which time he has served as a “consultant” for a growing network of exorcists in the United States.


Originally, while studying medicine at Yale University, Gallagher had concluded that biblical accounts of demonic possession were the attempt of an archaic culture to explain mental disorders. But in the intervening years, he has experienced enough cases that defied psychiatric explanation to come to believe in the frightening reality of demons and their ability to possess a living body. Over his long career, Gallagher maintains that he has witnessed victims suddenly speaking perfect Latin and other languages; people revealing personal information or secrets about others that they could not have conceivably known otherwise; sacred objects flying off surfaces; and hearing other, demonic voices emanating from an afflicted person. In one interview he described the following encounter:

"There was one woman who was like 90 pounds soaking wet. She threw a Lutheran deacon who was about 200 pounds across the room. That's not psychiatry. That's beyond psychiatry."

And yet, most medical professionals are hesitant to treat, evaluate, or even believe in the possibility of demonic possession - believing instead that doctors like Gallagher have been tricked by their own patients, and are enabling them to continue in their mental illness by using demonic possession as an “easy out” for their troubling behavior. These health professionals choose to consider spirituality as the antithesis of scientific knowledge, rather than as a (largely unexplored) companion to it - a fact that needs to change if the demonically possessed are to receive serious help for an afflication that affects not only their minds, but their souls. 

Additional information about Dr. Gallagher and his insight and experience with demonic possession can be read here.

Not included in Dr. Gallagher’s observations but something perhaps worth noting is the recent rise in teenage mental illness, which has also been attributed in part to internet activity: 


“In surveys of over five hundred thousand American adolescents, psychologist Jean Twenge and her colleagues found that adolescents, especially girls, who spent more time on screen activities (smartphones, Internet, and social media) were significantly more likely to have symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation than those who spent their time on non-screen activities...” (The full article is available by clicking here.)

This troubling piece of information raises at least two important questions linking both psychiatry and spirituality:

1) To what extent have we allowed the internet to take over our minds (and spirits)?

2) How much overlap is there between the remarkable increases in both demonic possession and mental illness? 

The answers needed here are by no means easy to come by. According to Dr. Richard Gallagher, demons certainly won’t submit themselves to lab studies or other means of obtaining “scientific proof” of possession. Their purpose is in fact the opposite - to sow doubt and cause derision. Adding to that supernatural complication is the unwillingess of a critical medical field to expand their thinking beyond what can be tested and quantified by scientific explanation. But in the end, mental illness and demonic possession are increasing by the caseload, suggesting that they are both very serious, and very real. It may be time to consider, as Dr. Gallagher does, how members of the mental health field and members of the church can offer treatment for afflictions of both the mind and of the spirit, in order to heal those who may be suffering in one or the other - or both.

Post updated 12/19/18.

Making It Rain: How Scientists in the '50s May Have Inadvertently Killed 35 People

In August 1952, the village of Lynmouth in Devon, Britain was struck by one of the worst floods the country has ever seen. Thirty-five people lost their lives when 90 million tons of water and thousands of tons of rocks battered the town. At the time, the disaster was classified as "the hand of God," and locals were left to clean up the very messy aftermath.

However, in the early 2000s - nearly 50 years after the devastating flood - intel emerged that suggests the disaster may have occurred at the hands of scientists rather than the hand of God. Declassified documents allege that the Royal Air Force staged cloud-seeding experiments in the Lynmouth area between 1949 and 1955, resulting in torrents of rain - and in 1952, 35 deaths. 

Although the RAF originally denied conducting any such weather-controlling experiments prior to 1954, Alan Yates, a senior lecturer at Cranfield College of Aeronautics and a glider pilot, claims the scientists asked him to assist them in a cloud-seeding project named Operation Cumulus. According to Yates, the project was successful in producing artificial rain, creating heavy downpours some 50 miles away from Devon. On the night of August 15, 1952, nine inches of rain fell in Lynmouth, swelling two rivers until they broke their banks and flooded the village.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Or is it? While the Ministry of Defence claims there is no evidence that RAF scientists were responsible for initiating the Lynmouth floods, this is not the first time that "weather control" conspiracies have been theorized over. Governments have been implementing cloud-seeding for decades since the artificial rain-making method was discovered in 1946, and conspiracy theories about weather control have abounded for nearly as long. Although manipulating the weather sounds like a science fiction experiment, the declassified documents about Lynmouth's 1952 disaster suggest that weather manipulation is more science than fiction, and steadily continues to become a reality. As recently as May 2018, Forbes reported that China was launching a weather control initiative that would cover a land mass the size of Alaska.

With technological advances progressing on practically a daily basis, how far-fetched is it to believe that governments and other higher powers may have the ability, after more than 50 years of supposed experimentation, to alter weather? With recent meteorological disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria laying waste to multiple countries in quick succession, at what point do we question whether such events are the results of the hand of God, or of the hands of government scientists playing God? 

Read about the Lynmouth flood disaster and RAF rainmaking experiment here:

Tic Tac UFO Stalks U.S. Aircraft Carrier

The words "Supersonic," "UFO," and "Tic Tac" have probably never before been used in the same sentence. But according to the Pentagon, a supersonic UFO shaped like a Tic Tac stalked a U.S. aircraft carrier for days back in 2004, bringing these random words together in a strange but cohesive way!

In an alleged, leaked report written by the Pentagon, an "Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV)" was seen on the radar of the USS Princeton, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, on multiple occasions, over several days. The report claims the anomalous object could hover in midair, make itself invisible, and move so fast that the USS Princeton crew originally thought they were encountering a ballistic missile.

The unidentified craft was described as "solid white, smooth, with no edges... uniformly colored with no nacelles, pylons or wings", and looked like "an elongated egg or Tic Tac." Based on its physical description and its aerial behavior, the AAV matches "no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of the United States or any foreign nation."

So... to whom does this mysterious Tic Tac ship belong - and why are we only learning about it 14 years later?

Read the full article here:


The Ghost in the Basketball Machine

On May 30, 2018, the Philadelphia 76ers announced that they were investigating reports that their president of basketball operations, Bryan Colangelo, used several secret Twitter accounts to criticize the Sixers team, engage in debates with its staff, and release private player medical information. It's a discovery that's damaging to the Sixers team (and also to it's #1 fan, Tony Merkel!). If the reports are true, it's a strange, hurtful blow for one member of an organization's front office to deal against his own team.

Also strange is how Colangelo's alleged Twitter indiscretions were discovered: through A.I. No, not Sixers Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson- the other A.I.: artificial intelligence.  The unnamed source who discovered the Twitter accounts claims to work in the artificial intelligence field and, after noticing a “bunch of weird tweets” aimed at the Sixers, utilized "an open-source data analysis tool to link five accounts through commonalities including similarities in who the accounts followed and linguistic quirks."  That sounds like a mouthful, but the premise is simple: a form of artificial intelligence used its robotic brain to analyze human behavior and start naming names. By comparing similar phrases, images, and topics tweeted by the various accounts, A.I. can almost definitively point its virtual finger at Colangelo as the Twitter account perpetrator.

While the use of A.I. is only a mentioned as a minor part of this breaking story, the implications could be major- namely by showing us 1) how artificial intelligence is already being used as a viable means of analyzing human behavior to identify the committer of a "crime" (Minority Report, anyone?), and 2) that we may never know if and when artificial intelligence is quietly running in the background, watching everything we do.

The news of Colangelo's reckless tweeting is the topic that's making waves throughout the NBA franchise, but how his secret tweets were discovered is something we should all take note of- and be conscious of as a "the future" of science fiction moves ever closer to the present!

To read the full story surrounding the Sixers' Twittergate controversy, find the original article here: