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Written Confession: Adele's Encounter with Nebster the Sasquatch

The following Confession was shared by Adele H. via email:

"It was a cool sunny Spring/Summer morning, I know it was that time of year because if it was full blown summer i wouldn't have been sitting outside due to the heat.

I was talking on the phone W/my friend Gail, she was talking so I wasn't making a sound. There was a slab of concrete down in front of me, where we'd put scraps of food, popcorn, bread, produce, all kinds of left overs for the Wildlife to eat.

We had a lot of different Wildlife that came to R slab to eat, we had ~ Wild Turkeys, Muskrats, Turtles, Ducks, Squirrls, Geese, Raccoons, Opossums, Ground Hogs, all different kinds of wild birds. & now We know we had Sasquatches as well.

Anyway as I was sitting there talking to my friend, I was watching all the critter's that had come to eat,. out of the cornor of my eye of my eye I saw this flash of beautiful Blonde hair bounding to the slab, @ first I thought it was an Afghan dog, because it's hair was smooth as silk & 6/7 inches long, it looked like someone had just brushed it's hair there was a gentle breeze blowing, so it's hair blew gracefully in the breeze.

Once it got down to the feeding station, it was on all 4's I could hear this grunting sound like a pig eatting, By now I was talking to Gail & I said Ur not going to believe what I'm seeing, I wasn't sure what it was but I started explaining this creature to her. He had black or very dark brown face, hands & feet, they looked like wrinkled leather. his nose was turned up a little but yet it was kind of smashed into his face like a monkey. his eyes were black. I say He because I didn't see any female parts, nor did I see any male parts either, so I just figured it was a male. 

As I looked @ it I felt like I was seeing a Disney Character, I felt utopia, mesmerized, almost like I was floating, I felt kind of sick inside because I couldn't wrap my mind around what I was seeing. {By now I had told Gail that I'd call her back later} I was still in my chair trying to comprehend all that was happening, the next thing I knew this thing stood up on its back legs, it was 3/4 ft tall, @ the time I was 5 ft. so it was almost as tall as I was, or maybe he was, it was hard to judge everything as things were now moving fast & out of sorts, he walked up this small hill we had in R back yard on 2 feet like a Human..

By now I was shaking but I wanted to get a better look @ this thing, so I stood up but stayed by my chair. I felt kind of dizzy & wobbly rellay out of sorts.

When I stood up this creature dropped down on all 4's & took off like a road runner, he moved faster then any animal I'd ever seen move before. {It never occured to me that where a young 1 is there it's Mother or a watcher is also, until my Friend Dave Groves was talking to me about it years later & he said its a good thing U didn't make a move towards him. You see I didn't even think about it being a Sasquatch until we had moved away.} 7 1/2 years later & I started putting it all together.

I ran towards the house out of fear & I wanted to get my Camera in case this thing came back. I went out there long enough to take Photo's of the yard, & then I ran as fast as I could to get back into the house. I locked the doors  scared that this thing what ever it was would come after me it could have come from a UFO for all I knew.. I sat & shook & cried until Tim {My Husband} came home about 45mins/1 hr later. I was still shook up when he came in & asked me what had happened.

Seeing this creature changed my life totally, I used to go out & work in the yard from the rising of the sun until it was dark out & Tim would have to come & ask me if I wasn't going to come in. After this encounter happened I wouldn't go out in the yard unless Tim came out W/me. He found this to be very odd behavior from what I was like before. He said don't be silly, I said I'm not being silly, U'd be afraid if U saw this thing just like I did and am, he'd just shake his head, he believe that I saw something, but he didn't understand the impact that it made on my life.

I tried to explain what it was I saw & he said it was just a Ground Hog,  I said does a Ground Hog walk erect on it hind feet & stand almost as tall as I am, he said Nope. I said I rest my case. I named this thing the Nebster, where I came up W/the name I'll never know but I had to name it something so Tim would know what I was talking about. 

I tried to go back where I saw him run to, it was in a grove of tall trees & low bushes, but there was to much Poison Ivy back there so I stopped going back any further.

We didn't live in that trailer much longer after that because it had Black Mold in it, the owner before us vented the dryer under the house instead of outside.....

....I wrote a report before this 1 but as I've read it, I see where I had left a few things out & had some mispelled words, so I've re-written my report. I also have Multiple Sclerosis & sometime I don't remember to add some vital parts.

We've since moved out to Zeeland Mi. we've had encounters here as well & now I know what it is that is leaving foot prints in the snow. 

Although the sun had melted the tracks somewhat, U can still see the 5 toes.

We also found a strange foot print under R carport  about 1 year ago {2017} & had an expert look @ the print & he say's it's a Dogman's print, much to my dismay. I'd rather face  SASQUATCH then a DOGMAN any day of the week."

 About the photos below:

"Here R the photo's of the yard where it took place, in a few of the Pix's U can see the arm of the chair where I was sitting, {The Nebster} what I named the Juvenile Sasquatch so my husband Tim would know who or what I was talking about, was down by the bird bath, if U look @ where my chair is sitting & look @ the bird bath, U'll see how close I was to him. I also put in the Google earth shots so U could see the whole area. The interstate runs East & West.

My Trailer which is no longer there, but a new 1 was put in it's place.  

The drive way sits to the West There R carports on both sides of R old driveway.

Where I was sitting in my chair, my chair was facing East. behind the wiskey barrels is the pond that turns into a Creek, theres a photo of an appartment parking lot, that is where the creek starts, & it ran down into the pond the pond then runs South or to the right of my chair."

Egyptian City in the Grand Canyon: Smithsonian Coverup or Historical Fabrication?

Did an ancient civilization live in caves found below the Grand Canyon? Was an Egyptian tomb excavated in the desert of Arizona? According to a front page story from a 1909 edition of the Phoenix Gazette, evidence of an ancient people was discovered in the Grand Canyon region, including a city of caverns, Egyptian artifacts, and a lost pyramid - a discovery that has allegedly been covered up by the Smithsonian Institution.

This isn't the first time the Smithsonian has been accused of covering up or outright destroying evidence of great archaeological discoveries. Most famously, the institute reportedly disposed of thousands of remains of giant humanoid skeletons during the early 1900s, although mainstream news outlets do not corroborate this story; the claim is outright denied by; and the original poster of the story is a noted "entertainment news" site. Be that as it may, the debate over the existence of the giant human remains still continues.

In the same vein, the Smithsonian may or may not have hushed up knowledge that ancient Egyptians once dwelt in Arizona. Is it possible? Is the evidence substantive, or based on conjecture? Although admittedly there is "no tangible proof" that the lost cave city really existed in the Grand Canyon, the theories are fun and compelling. David Hatcher Childress examines the stories - take a look here and consider them for yourself!

When a Bigfoot Photo... Isn't

In the world of Bigfoot, researchers and enthusiasts are constantly searching for answers and evidence about the existence of this famous but elusive bipedal cryptid.

Sometimes, compelling proof is presented to the community that points to Bigfoot as alive, well, and very real. At other times, the community is rife with zoomed-in images, red circles, and pareidolia - the phenomenon in which the mind sees supposed patterns where none actually exist.

The images below, taken and shared by Jason Parsons on the Pennsylvania Sasquatch Research Facebook page, demonstrate how someone might perceive a Bigfoot form in a photo when, in fact, there isn't. 

On the PSR Facebook page, Jason writes:

"What looks like a Bigfoot looking through a gap in the trees, with fingers touching the branch, looks totally different when taken with a professional camera.

First photo is taken with an iphone 7 zoomed in.

Second is taken with Canon 5d mk3

Here we can CLEARLY see that a blurred and distorted image of what might look like a Sasquatch, is in fact (and in most cases) just leaves and shadow."

In no way is either Jason or The Confessionals attempting to prove through this post that Bigfoot does not exist. Rather, the post and photos provided serve as an illustration of how we in the Bigfoot community should examine evidence with a practiced eye, and from different perspectives, to establish viable proof. In our excitement to discover Bigfoot, we should continue searching for evidence that he's "out there" somewhere and acknowledge the extraordinary instances when he is there in a photo... and also understand that sometimes, he just isn't.

                                                         The uncropped iPhone shot.

                                                       The uncropped iPhone shot.

                                              Zooming in on the original iPhone photo.

                                            Zooming in on the original iPhone photo.

                  The same scene, from a slightly lens different perspective, using a Canon camera.

                The same scene, from a slightly lens different perspective, using a Canon camera.

                        A zoomed in shot of the same scene using the much clearer Canon lens                                                            ...  and without a lurking Bigfoot in the bushes.

                      A zoomed in shot of the same scene using the much clearer Canon lens                                                            ...and without a lurking Bigfoot in the bushes.

Written Confession: Miranda C.'s Experience with Evil

The following Confession was shared by Miranda C. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"A couple of years ago my husband went to something called an encounter. It's a big movement in the Christian community. We were warned before he went that things might change between us and that satan would try to cause problems when he returned. We laughed it off and away he went.

A little background before I go on though. We both grew up in Christian homes but his family was way more active in the church than mine. My family quit going when I was in middle school but I had always considered myself a Christian.

Matt(husband) and I never really discussed religion. We would go to church with his family on occasion and did all of the holidays but we weren't members of any church. At one point I decided that we should get involved in one but that didn't last long and so when he got invited to encounter it was kind of out of the blue but he was willing to give it a try. I was excited for him and when he started to doubt going I would encourage him. 

The time came and he went. The day he got back I was really excited to see him but it's almost like the second he returned something changed within me. He was a completely different person when he got back: on fire for Jesus. He seemed to be high on life and ready to live for the lord.

I, on the other hand, went dark. I started to question my beliefs. I became angry and depressed. I thought about killing myself.(Not normal for me.) Matt and I fought all of the time about christianity and the kids. I hated myself and hated my husband for going to encounter. Divorce came up a lot. It was almost like something was trying to torture me. It was horrible!! This went on for months.

I finally decided that I needed to go to encounter to try to get out of the darkness I was in. It felt like there was something inside of me trying to keep me from going and it was a struggle to actually make myself go. But I did. And the second I got there, it felt like a huge weight was lifted. Like I physically felt better. When I returned home, Matt and I were excited to finally be on the same page after so many dark months(or so we thought) and were laying in bed talking when I decided to get up to get ready for bed. The second I stood up I instantly felt sick all over so I laid back down and felt this dark vibration above my body. It floated there for a second and then took off. My husband didn't know what was wrong. We grabbed a bible and prayed together and slept with a light on because whatever it was, it was evil. 

It was a terrifying experience and looking back, I know something evil was trying hard to get me to end my life. I have left out a lot of details because I already have a novel going but this was just one of my paranormal experiences!"


Written Confession: Cody V.'s Lifelong Follower

The following Confession was shared by Cody V. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"Since a toddler, I have had something following me, making noises, moving stuff, and talking to me randomly. My family can attest to this, and my employees have unfortunately experienced things during overnight jobs. I'm used to it, but occasionally it can get me to jump."


Written Confession: Ninie T.'s Creepy Boombox

The following Confession was shared by Ninie T. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"1988. I had a boyfriend of a couple of years and we lived a block away from the house his family lived in. He was always teasing me and I was so naive back then lol. Except for when he told me his house was haunted. His whole family attested to it even the grandma and grandpa. I would just not really believe them.

We were living together at the time and he had gone somewhere without me. I had stayed home to get some things done. I needed something I don’t remember what but I decided to walk to his family’s house a block away knowing someone Had to be home. I knocked and walked in and called out and no one was home. I thought maybe someone might be sleeping upstairs so I quietly trudged on up and knocked on both bedroom doors. No one was home apparently and I just felt so like... I don’t need to be here and so I left quickly. I got outside in the sunshine and fresh air and I swear I felt better but I kept looking behind me. Home was just a block away and weather was nice birds were singing and so I walked into my house and turned on this little boom box I had and proceeded into the kitchen to clean some more. All of a sudden the music shot up to its loudest volume. Scared me. Was unexpected and sounded terrible so I ran back into the room to turn it down reallly fast and I started walking away again. And it did it AGAIN. I stopped heart stopped my whole body just stopped and I ran fast as I could to yank the plug from the wall and hit the door. Screw the cleaning. I was done until boyfriend got home. And then I told him what happened and he proceeded to say yuuup. Was the ghost. He was a stupid redneck boy. Hmmp. 🤗"


Written Confession: Darren H. and the Haunted Location That Followed Him Home

The following Confession was shared by Darren H. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"My wife and i went to one of Australia's most haunted locations. An old homested called monte cristo .This place is rather haunted and has a notorious history which is rather famous now a days and is used as a tourist attraction. Any way we spent a few hours touring the place and my wife came to the opinion that ghosts dont exist and set about saying this aloud around the place .

Fast forward a week and we had come to notice some strange noises and eerie feelings around our place. We then decided to consult a friends mother who is a psychic about what was going on. She was of the belief we had bought home with us the spirt of a young bloke who wanted to prove he existed. We were instructed to light some white candles and tell the spirit we believed in him so he would leave. A day later or so the activity increased which made my wife imcreasingly frightened so i made the smart descision to challenge the spirit . I said out loud to it to pick on me and leave my wife alone. The rest of the day was un eventful till around two in the morning when i awoke to the bed sheet shaking up and down on us and immediatly thought what the hell is the cat doing...i then remembered the cat was outside. This was the last we heard from that spirit.. he ceratainly proved he existed to my wife and i......not that i needed convincing."


Written Confession: Mike N.'s Paranormal Night

The following Confession was shared by Mike N. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"I had been on my guard since the last visit. It was the first time I felt threatened/scared. At this time I was not very well versed with the finer points of hauntings or how to deal with them. It was a week night so it was off to bed early because I am a natural early riser. I was awakened around midnight by a horrible nightmare that left me and the sheets soaking wet. The details of that dream have faded over the years but still remember the darkness of it.

I got up to get a drink of water and to let the sheets dry out a bit. I climbed back into bed shifting more to one side to stay off the damp sheets. As I laid there trying not to think of the nightmare I caught an "off" sound that came from the end of the bed. My ears perked up as I strained to hear the sound again. I decided to grab a pillow and propped my head up on the sleigh bed's footboard. Just moments later I did hear the sound again. It came from the wall that was just feet from my head. I shot straight up and turned to face the sound. The sound was nothing I had ever heard or have ever heard since that night. I can only compare it the sound of a can of spray paint being discharged but much, much lower in tone.

As I stared at the wall and sound I tried to pin point what part of the wall it was coming from. However the sound would be toward the lower part and then sound off up toward the top. They came 5-10 seconds apart. Then 4-5 seconds apart. Shooting from the top left to the bottom right. All of a sudden it was a constant repetitive mean disturbing LOUD over and over again. I had back up from the foot of the bed mid way through staring with WIDE eyes trying to figure out what the h#*ll was going on.

I soon realized that I did want to be where I was at. I jumped from the bed and headed for the front of the house. As I entered the utility room the sound got stronger and louder. It was coming from the bathroom that was opposite from my room. I flipped the light on in the utility room as I eased up to the bathroom. The sound was deafening. I stretched my arm into the bathroom to turn on the light. The sound was coming from the bathtub and wouldn't you know it the shower curtain was closed. I was pretty much freaking out at this point and wasn't about to enter the bathroom and open that curtain with my hand.

I looked around the utility room and saw the broom. I quickly grabbed that and slowly creped into the bathroom. I had the broom stretched out cause I wanted to be as far away from that tub as possible. I hooked the end of the shower curtain and jerked it open. And there, right there in front of me was nothing. Nothing but this evil, evil sound going around in circles over and over pausing from second to second to stop in front of me to give me a "well howdy do" to let me know it knew I was there.

I was shaking in my undies. Tears were streaming down my face and was unable to comprehend what I was witnessing. I have since learned that mean hauntings feed off your fears, well let me tell you there was plenty of fodder to feed from. I was absolutely terrified. This moment only lasted about a minute or two but seemed like hours. It continued going around and around in this small space of the shower/tub getting madder and madder. The low deep spraying sound was so loud at this point. After the few minutes it made a move to the lower part of the tub constantly making the sound and going in circles. Here's odd part, IT went down the drain. You could hear as the tone changed as it entered the opening and how the sound carried as it went into the plumbing to fade out.

I was left standing there with a broom in my hands shaking. I quickly left the bathroom and went to the front room. I was pacing back and forth trying to figure out what had just happened and what I was going to do next. I knew I had to calm down some how. That sound just seemed to continue in my head over and over.

After a bit I knew I had to get to bed because I had to be a work in a short time. With EVERY light on I eased into the bedroom. I climb into bed sliding all the way to the other side of the bed with my back on the edge of the bed. I was facing the door way and could see pretty much all of the room. I laid there for only a few moments when I felt something set on the bed right where the previous visitor stopped. It sat on part of my leg as it made itself comfortable. I was able to see the bed compress down as this happened. Sigh, I screamed like a little girl and ran to the front room and picked up my shaking. I was back to the pacing around like crazy again trying figure my best move.

The thing was I didn't have anyplace to go. There was such a heavy, intense, thick, mean feeling/vibe that radiated from the door way into the utility room. It's presents was so, so forceful that I found myself in the furthest corner of the front room. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I felt so mean. I was afraid it was going to spill into the front and fill it up with this thick soup.
I wanted to run and fast. But I was in my underwear and it was February in AR which means very cold. I had to set in the corner of that room for hours to pass until that feeling of being watched by a mean thing to fade away. When it did I ran into my room quickly gabbing whatever clothes I could find and throw them on as I headed out the front door."

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.15.59 AM.png

Ghostly Rider Captured on Drone Camera

In this day and age, drones catch some strange, scary, and head-scratching stuff that we miss down on the ground. In recent paranormal news, a UK man believes his drone has captured footage of a ghostly rider at medieval Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. His film clearly shows something darting down the castle grounds, but is it really an otherworldly equestrian, or another kind of anomaly?

This is not Berkeley Castle's first ghostly encounter - as the oldest continually inhabited castle in the UK, Berkeley Castle is famous of the murder and subsequent haunting of King Edward II.

Watch the video footage in the FULL ARTICLE:

                                             Is a ghostly rider haunting Berkeley Castle?

                                           Is a ghostly rider haunting Berkeley Castle?

Mysterious Beast Prowls Argentina

The phrase "on the prowl" takes on sinisterly creepy proportions when used to describe this sinisterly creepy photo of an unknown beast roaming the streets of Argentina.  

This mysterious “half human, half animal” creature was snapped as the beast prowled the streets of Sante Fe, Argentina - allegedly after eviscerating a German Shepherd and a Pitbull.

Speculation as to what this terrifying spectre is ranges from Dogman to Chupacabra to Aswang (a man who transforms into a monster dog) to straight-up demon. Whatever its true nature may be, it's probably safer for the residents of Sante Fe to make their guesses inside, with the doors locked!

EDIT: Or maybe it’s Professor Lupin sampling some South American culture. 🤣 #HarryPotterIsEverywhere

Full article:

                                    Dogman? Aswang? Chupacabra? Walking nightmare?

                                  Dogman? Aswang? Chupacabra? Walking nightmare?

Rocky Mountain Riches

There’s gold in them thar hills! And if you can find it, it’s yours. This fun story already made the internet rounds a few years ago, but it’s recently making its way back into the headlines. It’s an intriguing tale of hidden riches and remains still unsolved— which means one millionaire’s buried treasure is still up for grabs!

In 2010, Forrest Fenn stashed a bundle of gems, gold coins, and gold nuggets somewhere in the vast Rocky Mountains, and then wrote 9 cryptic clues to the treasure’s whereabouts. His buried bounty is free for the taking for anyone smart enough— and survivalist enough— to crack the code and locate the gold. Thousands have gone searching. Three have even died in the attempt. Will any modern-day treasure hunter ever find Forrest Fenn’s fortune?

Article Link:

                                                                      Forrest Fenn

                                                                    Forrest Fenn