12 Strange Snake Cryptids for National Serpent Day

12 Strange Snake Cryptids for National Serpent Day


Happy National Serpent Day! Yeah, who knew serpents have their own day? February 1 is an official national day in America to recognize snakes and serpents of all shapes and ssssizes.

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Across different countries, religions, and cultures, the serpent has been used as a symbol of evil, medicine, and fertility. And don’t forget fear - ophidiophobia, fear of snakes, is one of the world’s most common phobias! Though there are over 3,000 species of snakes in existence, this slithering reptile is still a unique (and creepy) creature.

In observance of National Serpent Day, we’re sharing a video in tribute to those species of serpents that may or may not actually exist.

Here are 12 of the strangest snake cryptids! 

For those who don’t have the opportunity to watch the full video, here’s a roundup of the top 12 for you to research later:

12. Arabian Flying Snake

11. Groot-slang

10. Sirrush

9. Namibian Flying Snake

8. Giant Congo Snake

7. Tsuchinoko

6. Crowing Crested Cobra

5. Hoop Snake

4. Real life flying snakes

3. Giant Anaconda 

2. Nabau

And finally… 1. Megaconda!

Happy National Serpent Day! Yay?

Goat-Killing Blood-Sucking Beast in Namibia

Goat-Killing Blood-Sucking Beast in Namibia

Is some vampiric beast preying on innocent goat herds in Africa? Frighteningly, yes, that’s exactly what’s happening! But what’s behind slayings?

A recent spate of creepy goat deaths has shepherds in Namibia concerned and scared, as nearly 30 goats have been found dead and drained of all their blood. Residents believe something is stalking their livestock in the night, and then leaving behind no trace of its attack (besides the goats’ corpses). However, a few witnesses have come forward to say they’ve caught a glimpse of the killer (or killers), which they claim resemble large black dogs. 


Adding to the mystery around the manner of death is the perplexity of local veterinarians and wildlife officials, who have no idea what is behind the attacks. “Scientifically, these things attacking the goats in that manner are not part of the wildlife we know. We leave room for more investigations.” 

While the elusive cryptid Chupacabra has been blamed for unexplained animal deaths in other countries, the strange episode of the bloodless goats is also not unlike mutilations where cows and other livestock have been found dead and drained of blood, in what some believe to be alien abductions. Is it Chupacabra, aliens, or something else that is killing Namibia’s goats? And, as Mysterious Universe aptly asks in their report of the murdering goat-sucker, “When will one of these creatures start preying on humans?”

Read the FULL ARTICLE from Mysterious Universe here and the original report in The Namibian HERE.