BLOG: Top 10 Favorite Podcasts Listened to By The Confessionals Podcast Fans (...Besides The Confessionals, Of Course!)

Plug in those headphones, International Podcast Day is here again! Observed every September 30 since 2014, International Podcast Day is a global celebration of the power of the podcast medium.

Last year, we shared 7 Ways to Celebrate International Podcast Day, offering over half a dozen ways to dive in to the 750,000-plus podcasts currently available. This year, we’re bringing you an assortment of fresh listening material!

Earlier this month we polled our listeners across all of our social media platforms to come up with a list of their very favorite podcasts. (Besides The Confessionals, of course.) There were so many diverse responses, and we’re thrilled to see that TC fans are devotedly consuming the podcast genre. Below is a compilation of the top 10 podcasts our listeners said they regularly enjoy, what they’re about, and where you can find them - along with a few other honorable mentions as a bonus!

In honor of International Podcast Day, check out these top 10 favorite podcasts listened to by The Confessionals Podcast fans and start building yourself the ultimate (and infinite) listening queue!

TIED for #10 & #9:

Where Did the Road Go? and The Best of Coast to Coast AM


Where Did the Road Go?


ABOUT: Where Did the Road Go? aims to go deeper than your average fringe-aimed talk show. We ask hard questions, without being overly confrontational. We support the work of our guests. We want to bring their ideas and research to as wide an audience as possible, while also viewing it from as many directions as possible…

The Best of Coast to Coast AM


ABOUT: The Best of Coast to Coast AM podcast, hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.

TIED for #8, #7, & #6:

Mysterious Universe, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Jim Harold’s Campfire

Mysterious Universe


ABOUT: Mysterious Universe brings you the latest news and podcasts covering the strange, extraordinary, weird, wonderful and everything in between. We strive to maintain a balance of healthy skepticism and entertainment while never losing our sense of humour. The Mysterious Universe podcast debuted in 2006 and has since grown to a huge following with millions of downloads from around the world. Be sure to check out our Podcasts page and find out why Mysterious Universe is considered by many to be the best in the genre.

The Joe Rogan Experience


ABOUT: "The Joe Rogan Experience" is a long form, in-depth conversation with the best guests from the comedy world, the sports world, the science world and everything between. One of the most popular comedy podcasts, this show has something for everyone.

Jim Harold’s Campfire


ABOUT: Creepy TRUE stories of paranormal phenomena of all types. Ghost stories, UFO, cryptids and more! Jim Harold's Campfire has been in production since 2009 with over 390 episodes. True ghost stories, hauntings, life after death stories and more. Hosted by Jim Harold.

TIED for #5 & #4:

Expanded Perspectives and Dogman Encounters

Expanded Perspectives


ABOUT: Expanded Perspectives represents individuals inclined to form one’s own opinions rather than depend upon academics or authorities; especially about ancient cultures, conspiracy theories, science, cryptozoology, social and religious issues. Our open minded views allow us to consider all possibilities regardless of how strange or unusual. Come with us as we explore the many stories, studies and topics through podcasts, interviews, books, blogs and news/magazine articles.

Dogman Encounters


ABOUT: If you’ve had a Dogman encounter, I can help you! I’ve helped a lot of eyewitnesses deal with their Dogman encounters. Have you seen a creature that looked like a Werewolf? If you have, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. What you saw wasn’t a Werewolf. It’s what’s called a Dogman.  More people than you’ll ever know have had Dogman encounters. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know who they can talk to about their encounters. That’s where I come in. My name is Vic Cundiff and I help Dogman eyewitnesses deal with the trauma of their Dogman encounters. 

#3: Monsters Among Us


ABOUT: Monsters Among Us Podcast is a show about cryptid creatures and those lucky enough to have witnessed them.  Our focus is to provide a platform for witnesses to tell their tale in a safe and encouraging environment.  Our mission is to give those with a tale to tell the stage to do so.  All stories presented are true to the best of our knowledge so grab a seat, turn off the lights and tune in, boy do we have a story for you!

#2: Strange Familiars


ABOUT: Strange Familiars is a paranormal podcast that tells stories through a combination of historical research, witness interviews, discussion, and on-site recordings when possible. Join Timothy and his rotating cast of co-hosts (Alison, Chad, Jon, and James) as they legend trip into unknown and forgotten places. We create the entire podcast ourselves - everything from the logo and other artwork to recording, editing, and mixing the audio. Even the background music and opening theme were performed by Timothy's band, Stone Breath. 

#1: Sasquatch Chronicles


ABOUT: Sasquatch Chronicles acts as a safe-haven for witnesses to share their encounters. The show debuted in 2013 on the premise that the existing Bigfoot community was primarily focused on the research and opinion of “experts” while overlooking the value of giving witnesses a voice in the discussion. It is now regarded as the first and most prolific program developed around the framework of giving a stage for regular folks to recount their experiences without pushing any type of outside agenda. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this to be ignored. Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. Listen as we speak with researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot.

Also as promised, here are the Honorable Mentions podcasts! These six cool pods all came in highly recommended just behind our top 10, so we couldn’t leave them out: Astonishing Legends, The Brohio Podcast, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Paranormal Portal, Last Podcast on the Left, and The Higherside Chats! Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite podcast titles with us, and to all the podcasters working hard to create impressive content!

(And if you’re still thirsty for more material after all these great shows, be sure to check out The Confessionals Podcast’s most popular episode, Episode 122: Secret Military Enochian Technology, or one of our crossover episodes featuring other podcasters, including Episode 72: The Think Tank with Wes Germer, Timothy Renner, and Dark Waters and Episode 138: Sasquatch Chronicles Campfire Talk with Wes from Sasquatch Chronicles, and Brent and Don from Paranormal Portal.)

Happy International Podcast Day! What will you be listening to today? What’s your favorite podcast? Where do you like to listen to your shows? Leave us some comments and recommendations below!