WRITTEN CONFESSION: Biologist Shares Weird Experiences from Fisherman On the Water

The following written confession was submitted via email:

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I’m a biologist in Louisiana and I work with the local fishermen. I’ve started asking them if they’ve had any weird experiences on the water.

Lester/ deckhand/ skimmer trawl:

He said one night he and 5 other guys in three boats were out mullet fishing in the southeast, LA (Venice,LA) area maybe 10-15 years ago. They weren’t catching so they decided to tie the three boats up while they waited. He said out of nowhere there was a blindingly bright blue light that lit up them and the surrounding water. He said after a while they all came too, dazed, eyes readjusting to the darkness and he said a couple guys began to panic as they realized they had lost time. Lester estimated around 20/30min. He said that was not the only time he lost time. One story about his ex wife and him on a shrimp boat, she saw a light in the sky, she woke him, he said he lied to her and said it was an airplane, he fell asleep and woke to her the next day still sitting out on deck and she said she stayed up all night watching those lights. He said something like, “I lost time with her that night”. I couldn’t make sense of that one.

He and the captain told me they have seen and have heard other fishermen saying they saw weird lights in the sky(triangles/pyramids, lights dancing and zooming across the sky), weird bright light on the horizon as if it were day break but it was the middle of the night, and they emphasized so many people seeing strange lights near southpass.