Written Confession: Camera Catches a Shadow Person at an Abandoned Prison

The following written confession, photo, and video were submitted via email:

So attached are the clips of the video that one of my teammates was taking (she was actually doing a live stream on facebook while they were playing back evps).

So what was happening at the moment was they were in a cell block, taking EVP's and playing it back and meanwhile when they were listening to the evp, they heard footsteps walking behind them at the back end of the building there were in. They stopped the listening and she went right away towards the noises they heard and checks the area with her flashlight, while panning the light right and left you can see a black shadow form of a person walking up a staircase and go into a door. At the time she never saw that, I mentioned it to the team after reviewing that footage about 20 times. The staircase the shadow is going up is the next cell block building and it's not close and the grass/weeds are really high enough where if it were an actual person running, you would hear that right away. It quick but once you see it, you can't Unsee it if you know what I mean.

This location we like to go to just as regular place to investigate and check out and use/test out our equipment and meetup. It's definitely a great place to do that. let me know what you think!