Written Confession: A Nightmare About the Gargoyle in Episode 152, Years Before the Episode Ever Aired

The following written confession was submitted via email, describing a dream from several years ago about a creature exactly like the mystery demon someone else witnessed, in real life, in Episode 152: The Gargoyle.


I’ve been listening for a few months and the creature described in this episode matched the one of something I saw in a dream a few years back, including the ungodly scream. I should preface this with the fact that my dad and I are both sensitive to supernatural phenomenon (nothing crazy but more than average). I was living at home 4 years ago and we both started having nightmares at the same time for a week or so. In my dad’s case it was, as he described, a black figure with long limbs chasing him almost like a chimpanzee whereas I was being awoken by a terrible scream in my ear in various creepy versions of places I knew. It culminated one night when I had a dream I was in an abandoned subway tunnel in the woods (weird I know) when something that matched the description of the creature exactly in episode 152 crawled out of the darkness hissing at me. It had black eyes, the long head, shaved nose, pale skin, long limbs, and the teeth. I was terrified while it crawled into a corner before sinking low like it was about to pounce and then screamed a loud, guttural screech at me. I don’t why but I became incredibly pissed off by this and charged at it in my dream. I saw the expression on its face change from terrifying to terrified as it realized I was about to fight it head on. I then woke up mid leap out of my bed charging the corner of my room where the creature would’ve been and barely stopped myself from slamming full force into the wall. Our nightmares stopped immediately after and things have been quiet for some time now. This is very possibly a coincidence but I feel like the two creatures might be related in some way. Unfortunately there’s not much more I can add, but I thought you’d find this interesting since a lot of this seems related. Anyways keep up the good work on the podcast! It’s great to have someone with your interviewing skills talk to people with these experiences.