Episode 62: The Room Under Stephen Paddock

What answers have we gotten about the Mandalay Bay massacre on October 1st, 2017? It was the worst mass shooting in modern history and we haven't heard much after the second or third week of the investigation. Why? There was a watered down and edited video released this week showing Paddock's final days in Vegas. But can we learn from these short videos? Yes, but only what they want us to learn. There is a war going on for our minds. We have been manipulated on how and what to think for years. Tonight, we have the opportunity to take our minds back and decide for ourselves what to believe. On Episode 62, we bring on Dave, Annette and their daughter Clar. Clar shares what it was like being at the Route 91 festival while bullets rained down on her. Then, Dave and Annette discuss what it was like being in the Mandalay Bay hotel room underneath Paddock as he fired down upon their daughter.

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The floor and room number where Dave, Annette and Clar stayed.