Episode 113: The Dark Guardian

On Episode 113, we begin the show with an interview with Danny, an explorer of abandoned buildings and the creator of the YouTube channel “Exploring With Danny.” Danny takes us through a frightening experience that took place during one of his explorations of an empty chapel, when he ended up capturing some brief but very scary footage! Following Danny, we talk with Alex, one of the people who filmed a large, pyramid-shaped UFO hovering and rotating over the Pentagon in December 2018. Alex shares the events that night which led to him to filming one of the most extraordinary events of his life. Finally, for our main interview we speak with Jeremy, who has been haunted his entire life by an entity. Someone once told him that the entity was present to protect him, but the experiences Jeremy has gone through have been anything but protective.

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I was randomly exploring an abandoned Chapel when I came across a real ghost nun nobody knew I was going to the chapel that night I was all alone this was one of the most terrifying moments of my life what I captured that night was breathtaking and I am just fortunate I had it on film this is 100% real do not watch this video alone you've been warned!!

In this video, we revisit the pyramid-shaped UFO that was filmed by at least THREE different people hovering and rotating of the Pentagon in December 2018. We show you a new video leak of the event and also interview one of the people who filmed this event!