Written Confession: UFO Sightings Caught on Camera in Two Different Countries

The following written confession, photos, and videos were submitted via email:


I am originally from Brazil and my interest in UFO started in 2012 City of Salvador - Bahia, when I saw something really weird in the sky like a shooting star coming from the right to the left and it stopped in the air for around 1-2 minutes, I was so excited that I did not blink until it flies fast as lightning straight up.

My research journey started, so I started to look for answers and a few years later (2015) I had the opportunity to go to a National Park in Brazil called Chapada dos Veadeiros, specifically in a city named High Paradise. Over there they have a huge amount of encounters and a lot of people who live there believe not just that UFOs are real but some of them say they communicate with advanced beings.

I was expecting to spend a few days only and ended spending 10 days over there, it's so beautiful with many natural waterfalls, crystals landscapes and a lot of hiking, they have also a very good culinary.

So in the 6th day, I was already pretty tired of hiking every day but I saw the Whale Valley and asked the guide how could we get there to take pictures of the sunrise, he made the arrangements and we left the
hotel together with the manager that heard about our idea and wanted to join.

We started to hike around 4 am and we arrived at the pick around 5:15-5:20, I had a hard time hiking but when we arrived was so beautiful that looked like a painting, the sky was purple and the sunrise came through the clouds so we set up the cameras and started photographing everything, we went to another hike and at the end of the day looking at the pictures (this two in attachment)  made me feel really scared about what was hovering above us that morning. Look at the pictures and let me know what you think, this is raw from the camera if you can analyze would be awesome.

I had another sight at my balcony in 2017 ( I still live at same place [the US])3 balls of light in a triangular shape and moving around, very weird . It’s from my balcony and recorded from my iPhone, the lights returned day after with more lights, around 5-6 so I filmed a little bit more.

Note: strong language warning in videos.

This one was same place but day after really weird, I live in [the US] that’s where was filmed I was thinking it could be military.

What are your theories about what these UFOs, captured on camera in two different locations, could be? Please share any plausible ideas in the comments!