Written Confession: The Broken-Necked Deerman

The following written confession was shared via Reddit:

We had a house fire and had to move in with my grandmother for a time while the insurance was sorted and our new house was built. Luckily, the land my grandmother owns had an old farm house near her own home that she mostly used for storage. It had water and electricity, so we were good to go.

The first few nights in the house were very scary for me. Every little pop or flash of light made me think of fire. I slept between my parents each night. It was rough, but after about three or four nights, I was no longer scared while I was in the house. I even started going upstairs in the evenings and reading in the loft while listening to the radio.

I decided that I was able to sleep alone in the house and spent a few nights on the old couch in the living room. After that, I ended up in the loft using a sleeping bag borrowed from one of my cousins.

Anyway, the loft had a massive window facing front yard, driveway, and the main road. I was just settling in for the night with my little lantern and my book when something passed by the window. I shrugged it off as the reflection of a car going by and started reading my book. It happened again and this time I got up and went to the window.

Image from    Etsy   .

Image from Etsy.

This is where it gets weird. Standing in the middle of the yard was a deer. It stood on its hind legs and its neck was bent at an odd angle, like it was broken or something. It walked with a strange grace--especially for something that appeared to be so out of place--through grass, across the road and disappeared into the woods.

At no point during seeing this creature was I afraid. I was actually very calm somehow and even went to my sleeping bag and went back to my reading--not evening thinking about what I had just seen. This is really out of character for me, to say the least. I'm the type to get worked up over seeing a bug in the house...

The next morning, I told my mother what I saw and she seemed totally unaffected. She just told me not to tell anyone and sent me off to school. I assume she thought I was seeing things due to the stress of the fire, but I know exactly what I saw and I was not dreaming or even close to falling asleep when it happened.

We moved to our new house about three weeks after I saw the Deerman. I've only told a few people about what happened and I've never seen anything like that since, but I am terrified of going into the woods. When I think about it now it's super scary and I'm not sure why I was so calm.