Written Confession: Strange Activity and Orbs in the Bedroom

The following written confession + videos were shared via email and YouTube:

I’m at work as I post this, but I got two notifications and I checked the live feed. The two captures was the door opening and shutting two times and then the live feed shortly after shows a couple of orbs.

Usually I go through my videos and the live feed, but now I am getting notified more when they appear.

I decided to try out various debris, use my A/C, and opening and closing the door to see if I can recreate any of the orbs in my other videos. I added an older video for comparison. Tell me what you think.

Things went crazier for a bit after that video. Until one night, it all stopped. After a few weeks I decided to start up my camera again and nothing still, so o bought some copper and wrapped it around key points in my room and not long after I started to see more activity and it’s been picking up weird audio problems as well, I posted a few on my YouTube mostly to get opinions. I’m thinking about getting a thermal camera at some point to see if I can see anything when it sits on the bed.