Written Confession: Eerie Mirror Image Men Who Appeared Out of Nowhere

The following written confession was submitted via email:

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When my best friend and I were in high school , we used to walk around the cul de sac at the end of our street just talking. One time , we were out there around 9 pm. We lived in a small quiet neighborhood. The cul de sac was at the end of the road surrounded by woods. There were only 3 houses there and we knew all of the people that lived there well. None had kids. We had walked around the circle About ten times when we both noticed two older boys in the road walking away from us down the street. They were fairly close. Probably 30 yards. We were at the back side of the circle they were on the opposite. They were mirror images of each other from how they looked to how they moved. My friend and I just kept saying where did they come from? They looked to be between the ages of 18 to 20. They were wearing all black. Loose black jeans. Loose black t shirt. Black shoes and they had black hair. Literal mirror images. They walked in sync of each other. Same length stride. Same everything. They were both looking at the ground walking down the street. We thought it was so weird because of how they looked and where did they come from. I was freaked out. My friend decided to holler at them. She yelled “ hey!!!!” So loud. It was so quiet on the street. There’s no way they didn’t hear us. They didn’t react. So as they walked away we walked towards them so the distance stayed the same. She continued to yell at them. Over and over. They not once slowed down , stopped, looked up , broke stride , looked at each other. Just walked left, right, left right staring straight down at the ground. We watched them walk all the way down the street which curves so we lost sight of them when they went around the curve. We both agreed it was strange. I ran home freaking out and when I told my parents they were gonna call the cops at the description of two strange boys walking the streets late at night but I convinced them not too. I tried to explain the weirdness of it. For some reason that was just the end of it. My friend and I talk about it through the years. I mean I’ve heard of the men in black. But that’s not what this was. They were boys dressed in black but not formal. Clothes that teenagers wore. They didn’t have a formal feel. It felt like they had a mission to do or something and they weren’t bothered to let us slow them down. I feel like there is a name for everything weird. But have y’all heard of anything like this. Two mirror images of people appear out of nowhere walking looking at the ground?