VIDEO: Tony Merkel Interview with Cryptovania TV Available Now - Watch It Here!

Back in August we shared that Tony had the opportunity to interview with Cryptovania TV! (You can take a look at our blog post Behind-the-Scenes Look at Tony's Cryptovania TV Interview for some cool bonus content!)

We are now excited to announce that his interview is officially available for viewing… and you can check out a special presentation of the first episode of Cryptovania TV’s second season RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Settle in, hit play, and enjoy Tony’s conversation with hosts Tommy and Jason. Welcome to Cryptovania!

Cryptovania TV is a Roku channel that focuses on Bigfoot and other cryptids, taking a deeper look unexplained and unproven phenomena. Visit their website at! Many thanks to the whole Cryptovania TV team for their hard work and for the opportunity to be a part of the show!