VIDEO: Dr. Michael Heiser Discusses Ancient Aliens, Nephilim, & the Book of Enoch

The topics of Nephilim, aliens, and the Book of Enoch have arisen a number of times on The Confessionals Podcast. Some of those references include, but are not limited to, Episode 18: L.A. Marzulli - UFOs & Nephilim Giants, Episode 42: The Genesis 6 Conspiracy with Gary Wayne, and Episode 122: Secret Military Enochian Technology, as well as blog posts like The Confessionals Exclusive: Are Old Legend Giants Living in the Modern Day World? and 10 Historical Facts About Enochian - the Language of Angels and the Occult. So it’s safe to say these ancient and intriguing subjects are of great interest to us!

As a complement to these topics, we’re sharing the video below of Biblical scholar Dr. Michael Heiser discussing the Book of Enoch, ancient aliens, Nephilim, and even more “fringe” ideas with interviewer Steven Bancarz. Whether you’re looking for another resource into these subjects or are delving into them for the very first time, check out their conversation for some thoughtful insight!