Written Confession: Ninie T.'s Creepy Boombox

The following Confession was shared by Ninie T. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"1988. I had a boyfriend of a couple of years and we lived a block away from the house his family lived in. He was always teasing me and I was so naive back then lol. Except for when he told me his house was haunted. His whole family attested to it even the grandma and grandpa. I would just not really believe them.

We were living together at the time and he had gone somewhere without me. I had stayed home to get some things done. I needed something I don’t remember what but I decided to walk to his family’s house a block away knowing someone Had to be home. I knocked and walked in and called out and no one was home. I thought maybe someone might be sleeping upstairs so I quietly trudged on up and knocked on both bedroom doors. No one was home apparently and I just felt so like... I don’t need to be here and so I left quickly. I got outside in the sunshine and fresh air and I swear I felt better but I kept looking behind me. Home was just a block away and weather was nice birds were singing and so I walked into my house and turned on this little boom box I had and proceeded into the kitchen to clean some more. All of a sudden the music shot up to its loudest volume. Scared me. Was unexpected and sounded terrible so I ran back into the room to turn it down reallly fast and I started walking away again. And it did it AGAIN. I stopped heart stopped my whole body just stopped and I ran fast as I could to yank the plug from the wall and hit the door. Screw the cleaning. I was done until boyfriend got home. And then I told him what happened and he proceeded to say yuuup. Was the ghost. He was a stupid redneck boy. Hmmp. 🤗"


Ghostly Rider Captured on Drone Camera

In this day and age, drones catch some strange, scary, and head-scratching stuff that we miss down on the ground. In recent paranormal news, a UK man believes his drone has captured footage of a ghostly rider at medieval Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. His film clearly shows something darting down the castle grounds, but is it really an otherworldly equestrian, or another kind of anomaly?

This is not Berkeley Castle's first ghostly encounter - as the oldest continually inhabited castle in the UK, Berkeley Castle is famous for the murder and subsequent haunting of King Edward II.

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Is a ghostly rider haunting Berkeley Castle?

Is a ghostly rider haunting Berkeley Castle?