Creature Feature Friday: The Shug Monkey

Today’s Creature Feature Friday checks out The Shug Monkey, a haunting hybrid… thing… that hails from a specific street in the United Kingdom!

Image from    Redbubble   .

Image from Redbubble.

1) A cryptid originating in Cambridgeshire, England, the Shug Monkey is a cross between a giant dog and a monkey that many locals believed was actually a ghost or a demon. (So essentially it’s two-thirds of the nightmare Puppy-Monkey-Baby creation from those Mountain Dew commercials. 😕)

2) The Shug Monkey haunted a little abandoned lane on Slough Hill, where people claimed to witness the black shaggy creature running on all fours and also walking on its hind legs.

3) Although “monkey” is in its name, the Shug Monkey is sometimes grouped into Britain’s werewolf legends because of its prominent canine features. Allegedly, the demon animal left footprints like dog tracks, except they were gigantic and had flattened claws bearing a resemblance to long human fingernails. Yikes.

4) The Shug Monkey may also have made an appearance in famously creepy Rendlesham Forest: in 1956, a man named Sam Holland claimed to have encountered a 10-foot-long creature with a lion-like body and the face of a silver-backed gorilla while walking in the forest. Was it the Shug Monkey out for a stroll, or maybe a quick haunting? Or is there another hybrid atrocity roaming the English countryside?


5) Other than that possible encounter in Rendlesham Forest, residents can rest easy: the Shug Monkey has not officially been sighted since before World War II! The closest anyone may get to the Shug Monkey nowadays is in the form of Shug Money Butterscotch Stout available at The Dog and Rabbit Brewery in Whitley Bay, which fortunately for everyone sounds more delicious than it does creepy.

...But while we’re on the subject, is there anyone else who thinks the Puppy-Monkey-Baby is an actual minion of darkness? Anyone? Because it's horrifying. #KillItWithFire. Happy Friday!