Creature Feature Friday: STICK MEN

You read that right: today’s creature feature Friday is Stick Men. Though reports are rare, people around the world have been glimpsing black, two-dimensional stick men that resemble cartoon stick figures. These bizarre sightings sound almost absurd - how could a stick figure drawing come to life? - but are growing in prevalence. Take a closer look at these weird cryptids that seem to have walked right off the drawing page:

1) The phenomenon of the Black Stick Men is a fairly recent one, mostly gaining attention in the late 2000s (although a 1978 report does exist) when Internet forums began to circulate more and more accounts of people witnessing what could only be described as stick figures - 2D or 3D skinny black lines that move in a disjointed fashion, but clearly seem to be humanoid in form.

2) The Stick Men are devoid of any human features, so it is unknown whether they have a gender, or if they are malevolent or benevolent beings - although some witnesses have reported feelings of agitation, aggression, dizziness, and/or tiredness when encountering a Stick Man.

3) Witnesses also claim the Stick Men are charged with electricity, creating a field of static in the air around them, and either have a loping gait or float just above the ground. Usually when they realize they’ve been spotted, they retreat or disappear - sometimes they even appear invisible from certain angles, while remaining visible from others.

4) Though the Stick Men bear characteristics of other paranormal creatures, they are not to be confused with beings like Shadow People, ghosts, and the Hat Man, as they are not linked to any other paranormal activity, incidences, or locations... they simply appear and disappear at random.

5) One possible explanation for the Stick Men phenomenon is psychological in nature, as a number of witnesses reported being tense or tired when their encounter occurred. But whether their tenseness and tiredness was the reason for their Stick Man sighting OR a result of it may be impossible to determine.

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