8 Things to Do on National Paranormal Day


Happy National Paranormal Day! Across the U.S., May 3 is an unofficial, novelty holiday created to call attention to all kinds of supernatural phenomena. From ghosts and UFOs to cryptids, ESP, and other paranormal mysteries, National Paranormal Day is day in which to explore all the strangeness that defies scientific explanation. Whether you are a certified paranormal investigator or a curious skeptic, here are 8 things to do on National Paranormal Day this year:

1) Listen to episodes of your favorite paranormal podcasts: Podcasts are an easy way to gather information and listen to stories, especially when you’re on the go. Queue up the creepiest episodes of your favorite paranormal podcasts, and tune in to some scary stories while you’re at work, or home alone in the dark if you’re really hardcore.

2) Research a new or little known paranormal topic of interest: Could the zombie apocalypse really happen? Do you know what “electric people” are? What’s the deal with deja vu? Expand your paranormal knowledge by digging into a new or not-so-well-known supernatural subject!

3) Explore a paranormal location: If you’re the adventurous sort, hop onto the Google and find a nearby location you can explore for paranormal happenings! Whether it’s a haunted house, local graveyard, or Bigfoot’s favorite forest, see what you can discover for yourself when you conduct a hands-on investigation. However if you choose to trespass and get caught, we’ve never heard of you and this post was never here… fair warning!

4) Attend a local paranormal event: In a similar vein, you can also search Google for a paranormal event happening in your area in commemoration of National Paranormal Day. Did you know that in addition being home of the greatest TV show of all time (The Office… fact) Scranton, PA is also conducting a paranormal investigation at a masonic temple on May 4? Or you can take a “haunted Hollywood” walking tour in L.A. tonight. If there’s a paranormal event nearby, make some plans and memories this weekend!

5) Binge-watch your favorite paranormal shows or movies: There is no shortage of paranormal cinema for your viewing pleasure (or horror), so heat up the popcorn, turn off the lights, and prepare to be scared - or at least entertained.

6) Read a paranormal-based book: Often what you conjure up in your imagination is scarier than real life (I hope…?), so put your imagination to the test by cracking open the spine of a creepy tome and getting lost in a good, paranormal book. Yes, even if it’s Twilight… just get reading!


7) Share your faves on social media: What else is social media for but to be a platform for all the things you love and hate?! Use it today to share your paranormal favorites with your friends, from podcast links to video clips to memes (because social media is also the official platform for endless memes). You may introduce someone to their next favorite paranormal podcast, or discover a new show for yourself.

8) Tell your own story: Nearly 60% of Americans believe they’ve seen a ghost, according to one study. And how many more people out there have had an encounter with something that they haven’t disclosed? If you’ve had a mysterious, unexplained, or spooky experience with the paranormal realm, consider sharing it today with family or friends… who knows - maybe you’ll find out they’ve had their own experience too.

As with anything involving paranormal subject matter, we would encourage everyone to exercise (exorcise?) caution when delving into the world of the otherworldly; it’s National Paranormal Day, after all, not Adopt-a-Demon Day - so you may not want to call forth anything that won’t leave when the day is over… But with that ominous advice in mind, have fun today exploring mysteries, asking the deep questions, and becoming more aware of the supernatural all around us! Happy National Paranormal Day!

What are your plans for National Paranormal Day? Share with us below!