Written Confession: Haunted by Ghosts, Abducted by Aliens

The following Confession was shared via email:

"This goes way back before I was born it will be a long story so you can  understand why, what  is  happening . I was born in cape town south Africa  in 1971 a June winter child my father is  sicilian  a WW2 baby his grandfather was a witch  doctor /medicine man, my dad was born with  something special and he has the same gifts which I  have  too passed down to  first born in the family. When I was a baby there was ufo  sightings  that my dad told me of we lived near the big power lines that supplies electricity to the Northern suburbs of cape Town  the western cape is a very large southern  region of  south Africa you must look it up on Google maps to get an idea it's very different to the USA and Italy  sicily  I was 18months  old and my sister  6 months old when we moved back to sicily  we come from  castellammare del golfo  a sea side village  of  sicily  a town full of history  going back to mythology we were living in the  historical  area  in an old house going back thousands of years  and I began experience of  super natural  phenomenona  even though at the time  it was all fun and games  my dad used to do exorcism and help people  and heal them too but I wasn't  allowed to  because of the  negative  future  karma  taking on these people's  negative  energies but he used my sister  once and somehow  I think  it has affecte her too, I will explain that later. I expierenced  enteties playing  practical  jokes on me and ufo  s . I can't  recall much  more  from when I was a young child because I blocked  it all but one reoccurring  haunting  still to this very day is haunting me it's a  tall black figure  when he comes for me he makes this horrid sounds  like something  rolling  down the  passage  but it's  weird I can't quite  describe it between  machanical and air rushing  he stands right by my head and has pitch black eyes huge ones he stinks of death or rotting decaying  matter and laughs out loud in my face  and says "I've got you"! Laughing  I am completely paralysed  screaming in my head I am calling  my dad, my mom  whom has passed away  4 years ago  so now it's  my dad I call, my granny  used to  comfort  me pray over me, they all did . Then we returned to south Africa  and we moved to the  northern  area  of cape Town  and we had moved to a new  built  suburb  new house  new school  new friends  and one day  as we were cleaning  up the  front  garden  I was standing  by the  newly built  parking  garage  and I saw this ghosts running  rushing  towards me he was really  evil and it went right  through  me it was the  most horrifying  experience of my life I began screaming  I was only 12 years  old at the time my dad came running to me "what's wrong? What's  happening  why are you crying and screaming?  My mom and  sister  came  running too and I explained what happened  and he comfort  me a little  bit  then began  joking  about it and we having a dry sense of humour  I began laughing too in the  meantime the enteties continued to bug me but I simply  ignored them, then the terrible  nightmares began I started seeing  airplane  crashes and other catastrophes  at the time I wasn't aware of what they meant or how I was having them. Then when I was 22 years old and my sister 20years old we went to  sicily to go live and work  there for a while  more than a year  that's when I started with the extraterrestrial  abduction my sister and I  were sleeping in separate  bedrooms and  the next day I asked her if she recalled being in a white room?  I was testing her to see if I really  expierenced  it , she said yes so we were both on a table  in a very  bright white room you couldn't  see anything  else and a male man was having  sexual  I can't  say it, the face kept changing  then we awoke the next day. And both recalling the  same  events,  we returned to  south Africa  and  continued living life, always  having the same  repetitive  experience's I just kind of  accepted . I have  written  most recalled memories  and drawn what the different  ufo's look like. As I get older I recall  the encounters more vividly and easily . They were  harvesting  my eggs and  I met babies, children and adults. Now currently  there's a couple of ghosts  wanting help and bug me while I am asleep and  wake me up  that really  upsets me as it's at two , three am in the morning  but this evil entetity  I have read the bible  psalms,  17:8 that one god  sent to me personally  he heard my cry for help.  I was warned about the  reptilian  race that came from God too. I am  a child of God  and  being a  human being  we are  have faults,  but how do I get rid of this  evil shape shifting  entetity?  My niece of 10years  old has seen it too she has the same gifts  as she is the first born in our family."