Patreon Episode 8 (Archive): Abducted with Lost Time Revisited

We bring back Ryan with David and Spencer to discuss everyone's similar experiences! ENJOY!

Patreon Episode 7 (Archive): Pastor Timothy Waugh Revisited

We bring back Pastor Timothy Waugh to talk more on the miracles he's seen and experienced.

Patreon Episode 6 (Archive): Kasey From EP19 The Tree Sprite Haunting

Bringing back Kasey to talk about how life has been since she was last on the show.

Patreon Episode 5 (Archive): Jason From EP17 Touching A Bigfoot

Revisiting EP17 with Jason and other strangeness!

Patreon Episode 4 (Archive): Revisiting Zach King with Wes Germer

Today we will be talking LIVE with Zach King from episode 61! We are also bringing on Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles as a guest co-host on this special show!

Patreon Episode 3 (Archive): Bigfoot with Lisa from Episode 59

Tonight Lisa comes back on to talk about her bigfoot encounters that she didn't have time for on Episode 59!

Patreon Episode 2 (Archive): Bigfoot, UFO's and The Paranormal with Roger Wilcox

Today we will cover it all with Roger Wilcox, former guest from Episode 2 of The Confessionals!

Patreon Episode 1 (Archive) : Bigfoot Talk with Dave Groves

Today we will be bringing on Dave Groves to talk some ideas and philosophies about bigfoot.