Episode 19: The Tree Sprite Haunting

Posted 5/28/17 by Tony Merkel

In Episode 19, Kasey shares her experiences with hauntings throughout her life, which all seem to be related to her mother’s involvement in witchcraft and possession by a demon.

Episode 18: L.A. Marzulli: UFOs & Nephilim Giants

Posted 5/21/17 by Tony Merkel

For Episode 18, we are honored to have L.A. Marzulli joining the show to share of his personal encounters with UFOs, his research on the Nephilim giants, and other hidden secrets from our past!

Episode 17: Touching A Bigfoot

Posted 5/13/17 by Tony Merkel

Jason comes on to The Confessionals to share his bigfoot encounter as a child. He also shares how some unusual paranormal experiences he had before his encounter help shape and mold his character for his amazing experience.

Episode 13: A Witch Doctor's Request

On Episode 13, Abe shares how his encounters with a witch doctor at two years old altered his life forever, and may have set off paranormal experiences for years to come.

Episode 11: Behind Closed Eyes

On Episode 11, Cody describes his first experience with the paranormal while in high school. He then recounts other strange things that have happened to him since that time, including a surprising reaction while investigating a haunted area, and seeing angels and demons.