The Confessionals LIVE!

Tony is going to be a guest host on Bigfoot Odyssey on YouTube June 5th, 2019! We will be speaking to a bigfoot eyewitness and taking Q&A in the videos chat!

On July 19th through the 21st, The Confessionals will be a vendor for Paracon 2019 at Pennhurst Asylum! Purchase tickets now to meet Tony at the vendors table and see all the celebrity speakers! There is a great line up of speakers this year such as Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Steve Gonsalves, Katrina Weidman, Dave Tango, Brian J Cano, Mike Dolan and many many more!!!

Paracon 2019 Tickets: BUY NOW

David Icke came on The Confessionals this past Tuesday to talk about reptilians, conspiracies, whats going on with the moon, and bigfoot! Check it out now on your podcast player or the website now!

Next Tuesday, June 11th, we will be having another Think Tank discussion with Justen Faull, Wes Faull, Chad Riley and Jim Wilhelmsen on Hollow Earth! Be sure to tune into that because it's going to be big!