The Genesis is where you will find the original seven episodes of the confessionals that were on YouTube! Audio quality was not my main focus with these seven but they are the original episode that started to momentum for the show you all enjoy today!

Tanya hears wailing outside of a house she is dog sitting for in the backwoods of Hamburg, PA.

Don Kurtz shares the time he may have seen a white bigfoot in the state game lands of Shartlesville, PA.

Doug sees a bigfoot on the side of the road and he isn't the only one who saw it.

Amie Starling sees glowing eyes outside here camp after something in the tree line scares her bear dog.

Shannon and friends have rocks being thrown at them as they are being escorted out of the woods. And then as there are close to their exit something actually knocks Shannon down!

Adam shares hearing responding knocks and seeing two bigfoot size black figures fleeing the scene.

On this never heard before episode my grandfather, Jack W. Merkel, shares with me stories of miraculous healings and angels as he lays on his deathbed in late 2010.