Welcome to The Confessionals first ever MARCH MADNESS Championship!

For the next three weeks, 64 of our TOP-RATED EPISODES will compete to be crowned the ultimate episode champion!

Listeners can complete an online bracket to vote for their favorite episodes to advance to the next round:

  • Round of 64 will be open for voting March 21-22. 

  • Round of 32 follows on March 23-24.

  • Round of 16 takes place March 28-29.

  • Round of 8 will be held March 30-31.

  • Semifinals will be April 6.

  • And the final EPISODE CHAMPIONSHIP goes down on April 8!

The ultimate winning episode will be announced on social media and followed by a LIVE viewing party on Facebook!

Which awesome episode will be the last one standing?

VOTE for your picks now and get ready your brackets ready!