Written Confession: Some Ideas on Episode 122 - Secret Enochian Military Technology

The following written confession was submitted via email, sharing some interesting ideas based on Episode 122 - Secret Enochian Military Technology:

At around the 1-hour mark of the interview [in episode 122], your guest mentioned the term "Enochian". The former military member cited the "Enochian characters" he saw while scanning a strange, unknown language; and his superior told him that it was "Enochian". This is a reference to the "Book of Enoch". Dr. John Dee in the 1500s claimed to have contacted interdimensional creatures, and he described their language as "Enochian". (He believed that the ancient Book of Enoch documented humans interacting with these beings.)

Final Events  by Nick Redfern.

Final Events by Nick Redfern.

Why this is fascinating is that, in Nick Redfern's book "Final Events," he documents how the CIA (and other government agencies) were experimenting with "Enochian technologies".

This happened as a result of Jet Propulsion Laboratories founder Jack Parsons, who was replicating the work of occultist Aleister Crowley (who himself was replicating the work of Dr. John Dee). When Parsons was being investigated (as part of routine work related to the government contracts he was getting), they were perplexed by his side-interest in alchemy and the paranormal. Parsons claimed to have opened up a portal to the other side. This happened in 1947, when the first UFO citings were registered. Parsons' friend Kenneth Arnold even coined the term "Flying Saucer" when he saw some around the Roswell, New Mexico area. Parsons' lab was right by there.

According to Nick Redfern, Parsons had opened up some sort of portal; and, when he blew himself up in a rocket experiment at the age of 37, the door stayed open.

The military started to experiment with some of the "Enochian chants" that Parsons had used, and they conducted experiments at Wright-Patterson Airforce base. (Evidently, they were trying to get technology from the interdimensionals).

It's fascinating to me that the soldier being interviewed claims to have seen the Enochian language . . . even if he didn't know what it was.

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