Written Confession: My Grandmother Was a Nurse in the CIA

The following written confession was submitted via email:


My grandmother worked in the CIA as a nurse. She was high clearance, and she worked on a lot of projects. I only have bits and pieces of information because she was jumped around in the 1980s- the late 1990s. I remember my parents accounting about UFO’s and grams uttered about how we are a food source for them, and to be careful as to who they told about the ufos because then the kids would be without parents and no one would know where they went. When we moved here to northwest Arkansas she told me about an underground bunker that is here. Eventually I actually met an engineer who was actually on that project. Part of it was funded by Walmart and the other part of funded by the military. It’s equipped with life sustaining systems, has a water purification system that can sustain 200,000 people or so. And the really weird thing is an air purification system meant to scrub extremely toxic air. I remember when the twin towers fell grams even told me she knew it was the untied [sic] states making an attack on the people. She worked for the smithsonian as well for a time and told me some stories of that. I know there is more bits and pieces of things I know but this is the most that stands out in my head right as of now.