Written Confession: Is It a Ghost Head or Just a Trick of the Light?

The following written confession + photos were submitted via email:

“In this copy I increased the contrast because the original was in a very low light setting. My mom was trying to take pictures of the sunset from her bungalow. That is a tree stump that it appears to be standing behind. And a chair to the right. My mom was about 5 feet from the tree stump when she took the picture. The tree stump was only about 2 feet tall. I will send you a second picture that she took with the figure absent from a slightly different angle. She was the only person on this private beach that extended out to the shoreline. To me, it looks like a young boy. To my 6 year old daughter it looks like a dragon with its mouth open lol.  So to each their own! Oh, one observation I made, the tree stump has 3 “tiers” kinda like a cake.  The middle tier becomes obstructed in the picture with the figure.  Almost makes me think the apparition is in front of and not behind the tree stump. If it is in fact an apparition.  Just a thought!”