Written Confession: Cloud Chimera Escapes Testing Facility

The following written confession was submitted via email:


After everything I've experienced in my life I never thought I'd see more than that! So, I was driving home that night after going to get groceries. It was about 11 pm. I came down a hill and crossed the little bridge . . .. It was dark, but clear. I always drive with the high beams on unless a car is approaching. I saw someone walking down the other side of the road with a flashlight. This was right next to a . . . Facility. There is a building and security guard room on the side the person was walking. Across the road is a fenced in field with barns and usually sheep are there. It is part of their property. My son in law says they do rabies testing, Cloning, and Genetic Testing there. Well, as I was about 50 feet from the person with the flashlight, I saw something crossing the road from right to left. At first it looked like a giant fluffy sheep. It was about 6' X 6' round. But I did not see any head or legs at first. It actually looked like a scallop edged "cloud" after I realized it wasn't a sheep. But as it got to the middle of the road, I watched in awe as pure white human looking arms and hands bent down from the center of the "cloud"...as soon as the large white hands hit the ground it sped up and flew across the road and into the weeds. I thought no way, I did not just see that! So I slammed on the brakes and yelled at the guy with the flashlight "What was THAT?" By then he had walked down as close as I was to it. He was shining the flashlight in the direction the thing had run and I saw that he was dressed in a security guard uniform. He just yelled back "oh, it was probably just a deer"...then he kept walking towards it. I knew it was no "deer." By then cars were coming up behind me so I started driving home. In the 35 years I've lived , I've never seen one of those security guards leave their little room. He was obviously already looking for something as I drove by. When I got home and told my family, my daughter looked up some info. She found an old newspaper article where the reporter asked someone, "So I assume you have ways of keeping things from escaping and 'FLOATING' across the ?” That gave me and my daughter goose bumps! . . . This facility has always made me feel wary every time I drive by it. The only thing I could relate it to was one of those bizarre "Rake" things. It looked like a pure white very thin "human" shaped thing crawling on the road inside a "cloud"...I had my high beams on so it was lit up pretty well by that and the security guards flashlight. But I've never heard of a Rake walking upright, or being inside a cloud looking thing, have you guys? It really did bend down from inside the cloud and when it's hands hit the ground it sped up. Although my eyes were fixated on the arms and hands, I could also tell it had white legs crawling on the ground too. The arms and legs were visible once it bent down. So weird!