VIDEO: Why Elon Musk, Facebook and MIT Are Betting On Mind-Reading Technology

A lot of people would probably love the ability to read minds, but are probably much less inclined to have someone else read theirs… especially if that someone is an artificially intelligent machine! But today’s leaders in technology, including Elon Musk and MIT, are currently striving to develop mind-reading computers and plan to introduce them to the public market as early as 2022. Learn more about this upcoming mind-reading tech, and how Elon Musk and others plan to sync computers with the human brain!

From CNBC: Elon Musk, Facebook, MIT, and a 16-year-old inventor are in the race to read minds with computers. Currently, researchers can detect brainwaves and track electromagnetic pulses within the neurons in our brains. Will this technology completely change humanity and what it means to be human? Big players like Elon Musk and Facebook have teased their entrance into a market that's expected to reach $1.72B by 2022. New research is pouring out of universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of California in San Francisco.

Is the ability to read minds just around the futuristic corner? Do you think it’s dangerous or harmless for a machine to comprehend our deepest thoughts? Would you hook your brain up to a computer? So many questions! Discuss with us in the comments!