VIDEO: 5 Black Eyed Children Sightings Caught on Camera (Can You Spot the Fake?)

What is it about ghostly children that makes them extra creepy? The “Black Eyed Kid” phenomenon is especially chilling, with stories and legends of children with solid black eyes showing up on doorsteps in the middle of the night, wandering desolate roads, and generally terrifying even fully grown adults. Are these child-like creatures ghosts? Demons? Science experiments? Whatever they may be, you probably don’t want to meet one. Check out their frightening visages from the safety of your own home with the video below, 5 Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera!

OUR NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: While checking out the above video for ourselves, we discovered that the 4th sighting listed by the creator, an alleged image of a trail cam photo featuring some spooked deer and a tiny girl in a dress, is NOT a true BEK capture. The image is actually from an art piece series called “Following the Deer.” The series, as created by the photographer William Harper, can be viewed in the photo included here. There are still many other supposed trail cam photos floating around the internet that seem to capture some kind of creepy child wandering through the woods, and they may not all be staged. It’s possible that some of them truly show a BEK on film. But in this case we can safely debunk the 4th sighting in the video!

Do you know whether any of the other BEK sightings from the video are real or fake? If you spot a fake, share with us in the comments - and also tell us what you think the “Black Eyed Kids” really are!