NEWS: Upcoming Mexico Cruise to Offer UFO Watching and Paranormal Ports

Earlier this year, cruise company Portland Spirit announced they would be offering Bigfoot boat trips to search for Sasquatch… Now the Holland America cruise line has revealed their exploratory UFO cruise around Mexico in October 2019! Is searching out mysteries via waterways the new trend in paranormal investigation? Check out the details below, originally published by Travel Wires:

Mexico cruise takes you to paranormal places with night vision binoculars and abductee meetings

Holland America cruise line is hosting a seven-day UFO Cruise this autumn to explore the possibility of what’s out there while passengers are out at sea.


Passengers will partake in “seminars at sea” while docking in Mexican ports to discover the history of UFO sightings and artifacts in the country. According to the cruise line, passengers will be able to hear from speakers who are "researchers, investigators, authors, teachers, speakers, intuitive counselors, healers, contactees, abductees, and spiritual teachers.”

Included in the lineup is the executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (which proclaims itself as the world’s largest and oldest UFO research organization) and documentarians from The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.

Every night, after hearing from the experts, passengers can partake in a “UFO watch” with night-vision binoculars provided by the ship.

But it’s not just all about aliens. The itinerary promises a diverse program, with port options to take part in an “authentic Maya fire ceremony” in Cabo San Lucas, see the ancient Las Labradas Petroglyphs in Mazatlan and go swimming with dolphins off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

Passengers will also be able to stretch out in a daily yoga class, visit the on-board sauna and spa as often as they would like, and take full advantage of the ship’s entertainment, including a movie theater and live music from a variety of performers.

The cruise will take place from October 6–13 this year, leaving from and returning to San Diego. You can book a seat for $1,698 per person, based on double occupancy, if booked by June 1.

First Bigfoot, now UFOs - what kind of paranormal or cryptid cruise do you think should be offered next?!