NEWS: New Special About Pennhurst Asylum to Air on A&E on October 30

Our local area has some more ghostly news happening just in time for Halloween! Along with Philadelphia’s eerie ghost ship exhibit, haunted Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, PA is getting some attention from A&E!

On October 30, the arts and entertainment network will air a record-breaking special about the infamous facility, featuring the longest-ever ghost hunt at a haunted location. Paranormal investigators spent an impressive two weeks locked inside Pennhurst, amid its legendary apparitions and mysterious activity, and will share their experiences with the world when "World's Biggest Ghost Hunt: Pennhurst Asylum" debuts the night before Halloween! Check out the show details below in the article from Patch:

A&E To Premiere Record-Breaking Special On Pennhurst Asylum

SPRING CITY, PA — Delaware Valley residents aren't the only ones taken in with the spookiness and history of the famed grounds of Pennhurst Asylum. A&E has announced plans to premiere a record-breaking special on Pennhurst Asylum later this month, bringing the regional favorite to a national audience.

And that's not all: the special is the longest ghost hunt ever recorded in television history, according to the network.

"World's Biggest Ghost Hunt: Pennhurst Asylum" will premiere on Oct. 30 at 8 p.m., serving as a lead-up to the season finale of the network's popular paranormal series, "Ghost Hunters." The special's run time is listed at two hours.

The special features a "paranormal investigation" run by a team of five investigators who lock themselves inside the asylum for two weeks. Here's how filmmakers describe the project:

"With reports of full-body apparitions, physical attacks, mysterious noises and more, the owner has granted the team unprecedented access to the entire 110-acre property, including areas that have never been investigated, in the most ambitious investigation Pennhurst has ever seen. The team will use cutting edge technology and their varied expertise to investigate the institution's haunted grounds for television's longest ghost hunt yet."

Back in 2016, TLC's "Paranormal Lockdown" claimed to set a record for longest ghost hunt filmed for TV when they spent 100 hours filming their investigation inside the notorious Black Monk House in England. 

Pennhurst, located on 1205 Commonwealth Drive, was a state-run mental institutional for 79 years until its closure in 1987. Its history of controversy as a rumored testing ground for immoral experiments fed into its haunted mystique, and after years of abandonment and serving as a magnet for teen mischief, it reopened as a haunted attraction.

Check out the trailer for the special below:

We visited Pennhurst Asylum earlier this year and explored the grounds during ParaCon 2019 - you can take a look at our blog Pennhurst Asylum ParaCon 2019 Photo Album to see some images of the creepy facility!

Have you ever been to Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, PA? Share your experience and impressions with us in the comments!