NEWS: Bear Opens Van Doors 'Like a Person' in Tennessee

Can you imagine coming out to your minivan for a quick family ice cream trip, and instead finding a giant, hairy creature with a mouth full of teeth inside?! No, it’s not Sasquatch, but in “weird news of the day,” a family in Tennessee caught sight of a big bear standing upright and using his dextrous paws to open their van doors! Does this offer proof that bear sightings can be mistaken for Bigfoot sightings? Or is there just more to this strange world than we usually get the chance to witness? Read the full article and watch the video below, originally published by UPI:

Bear opens van doors 'like a person' in Tennessee

A surprised witness who spotted a bear in Tennessee recorded video as the animal easily opened the doors of a parked minivan.

The video, recorded outside a house in Gatlinburg, shows the bear standing outside the parked vehicle while the woman films from the safety of her own vehicle.

The woman expresses astonishment as the bear skillfully opens two doors of the vehicle at the same time. The bear then climbs inside in an apparent search for snacks.

"I was going to do an inspection when I saw this bear walking toward the car. She opened the minivan like a person, in fact, two doors at a time," the woman wrote.