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Mysterious Beast Prowls Argentina

The phrase "on the prowl" takes on sinisterly creepy proportions when used to describe this sinisterly creepy photo of an unknown beast roaming the streets of Argentina.  

This mysterious “half human, half animal” creature was snapped as the beast prowled the streets of Sante Fe, Argentina - allegedly after eviscerating a German Shepherd and a Pitbull.

Speculation as to what this terrifying spectre is ranges from Dogman to Chupacabra to Aswang (a man who transforms into a monster dog) to straight-up demon. Whatever its true nature may be, it's probably safer for the residents of Sante Fe to make their guesses inside, with the doors locked!

EDIT: Or maybe it’s Professor Lupin sampling some South American culture. 🤣 #HarryPotterIsEverywhere

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                                    Dogman? Aswang? Chupacabra? Walking nightmare?

                                  Dogman? Aswang? Chupacabra? Walking nightmare?