LISTEN: Strange Familiars Podcast - Pandemonium, Part One and Part Two

Listen now to two eerie episodes of Strange Familiars, set in the ghost town of Pandemonium!

Episode 116: Pandemonium, Part One - September 18, 2019

Chad, Mark, and Timothy legend trip into the abandoned ghost town of Pandemonium, Pennsylvania. Chad and Timothy decide to stay the night. In the first part we discuss some of the features and history of Pandemonium, learn about some tragic deaths which occurred around the town, visit the town cemetery, find an old dynamite shack, and head into the woods - where some things disappear. Chad and Timothy return to the cemetery around midnight to find it quiet and peaceful in the moonlight… until, suddenly, things change.

Episode 118: Pandemonium, Part Two - September 26, 2019

Chad and Timothy spend the night in the abandoned ghost town of Pandemonium. After feeling like they were being pushed out of the cemetery, they headed back to their campsite and quickly fell asleep. At 3:30 AM they were awoken by sounds from the woods. A harrowing night followed, with daylight bringing even stranger surprises.