Queue up your favorite podcatcher and prepare to audio binge this weekend - Sunday, September 30 is International Podcast Day!

First celebrated just a few years ago in 2014, International Podcast Day was founded by Steve Lee, entrepreneur and founder of Modern Life Network, to draw attention to podcasting as an auditory medium for both entertainment and education. Since podcasting was created in the early 2000s, it has steadily risen in popularity, as more listeners and wider audiences turn to online audio for their content consumption. As of 2018, 48 million people in America alone tune in to their favorite podcasts on a weekly basis! A few more quick facts about podcasts:

  • Podcasting was originally called “audioblogging.”

  • Media personality Christopher Lydon, software developer David Winer, and MTV VJ Adam Curry have all been given credit for the invention of podcasting.

  • There are over 525,000 active shows and 18.5 million episodes available in the podcast world.

  • The most popular pod genre is comedy, followed by education and then news.

  • 69% of listeners confirmed that they learned about new products or services through podcast ads.

  • 50% of all American homes listen to podcasts.

  • Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of 6 shows.

As podcasts continue to grow in prevalence throughout the world, it’s becoming clearer that they have fundamentally changed the way audio is consumed! In honor of this important and captivating medium, here are 7 ways that podcast fans can celebrate International Podcast Day:


1) BINGE ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST - which is of course The Confessionals, right?! (J/K… kind of.) Whether you go back to the beginning of your shows to re-listen with fresh ears, or indulge in a “best of” episode marathon, take some time this weekend to binge on your favorite pods!


2) SHARE PODCASTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - If you’ve discovered a gem of a podcast, don’t keep it to yourself! Share great shows or special episodes on all your social media platforms for friends and family to enjoy too. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #podcastday to draw some attention to your show!


3) LEAVE A REVIEW - Show podcasters some love! If you haven’t written a review for your fave shows, hop over to iTunes and post your 5-star review ASAP! Not only do these reviews let podcasters know that their hard work is being enjoyed, they also help podcasts rise through the charts of iTunes, and show podcast networks which podcasters are worth listening to (…and promoting!).


4) SHOW OFF YOUR FAN GEAR - Podcasts aren’t just heard, they can be seen too! September 30 is a day to shamelessly become a walking billboard for your podcast of choice. Wear your t-shirts, fill up your coffee mugs, put on your hats, fluff those throw pillows with your favorite podcaster’s face on them... if you’ve got pod fan gear, flaunt it! Your dedication to your pod may inspire a new listener to check out an episode or two (or 20). 


5) BECOME A SUPPORTER - If you’re interested and have the means, consider offering some financial support to your favorite show. From recording equipment to advertising to web hosting, there are a number of costs and investments associated with producing a professional, quality podcast on a consistent basis. A one-time donation or monthly patronage helps podcasters keep cranking out awesome shows!


6) TRY A NEW SHOW - September 30 is all about podcasts, from all over the world. Why not take the opportunity to dive into a brand new one! Do you have a show waiting in your queue that you just haven’t gotten around to starting? Are you dying to listen to a true crime show? Have you been looking for a fresh topic to expand your education? Take the day to plug in your headphones and press ‘play’ on a new podcast adventure.


7) THROW A LISTENING PARTY - Before the internet and television, families gathered ‘round their radio sets and listened to their nightly programs. While we’re no longer living in the Golden Age of Radio, we have decidedly progressed into the Golden Age of Podcasting! Just like the days of yore, gather everyone ‘round your listening devices this weekend, and enjoy everyone’s favorite shows together. Play a creepy paranormal pod next to a campfire in the woods. Lay out sleeping bags in the living room and listen to storytelling podcasts. Pick a niche show and learn a new skill in the company of friends (did you know that knitting podcasts exist? Because they do.). Whatever the event, listen en masse to your favorite podcasts with your favorite people!

Wherever you are, whatever you listen to, Happy International Podcast Day! How will you be celebrating on September 30? Share with us below!