Fake Russian Doctor is Also a Former Vampire

At some point or another, we’ve all probably visited our family doctor and needed to give a blood sample. What we’ve probably never done is wonder if our doctor is sampling a little of that blood for himself. It’s an eerie thought that may now be being entertained by the people of Chelyabinsk, Russia after a local “doctor” was discovered to not only be a fraud, but also be a former vampire. Here’s the strange story:

Last week, a man by the name of Boris Kondrashin was arrested after his medical training documents were found to be fraudulent. Kondrashin had been working as a general practitioner at state clinics in Chelyabinsk since November 2018. He was arrested for his falsified certificate of higher education, as well as for a large stash of narcotics that authorities found in his apartment. 

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But yet another chilling reveal came to light when Russian officials discovered that Kondrashin had a previous criminal-medical record: he had once been declared insane and institutionalized for the ritualistic, vampiric murder of a classmate.

When he was only 16, Kondrashin began exploring black magic rituals and the occult. Identifying himself as ‘Baron von Ginczel’, Kondrashin would steal drugs from his psychiatrist father and proffer them to his classmates. After luring one fellow student to his residence, he used a lethal dosage of tranquilizer to kill the other boy. Kondrashin then began a grotesque ritual to make a “deal with demons.” In horrifying succession, he dismembered his classmate, ate some of his liver, tore out his heart, and then drank blood from the heart out of a silver goblet, after saying a spell over the gory victuals. To seal his deal, he also removed his victim’s eyes and hands.

Having completed his bloody, barbaric ritual, Kondrashin had no further use for his classmate’s remains and carelessly disposed of them nearby, leading to his quick apprehension and arrest. Allegedly, he was caught with a list of ten other classmates’ names, for whom he had planned similar fates.

Following the murder, Kondrashin was found to be insane by diagnosis of homicidal schizophrenia, and was sentenced to 10 years of treatment in a psychiatric hospital. After his conviction, he reportedly revealed that demons had called out to him for blood and Satan had guided him through the bloody ritual. Krondashin was committed to a psychiatric institution in 2000 and spent over 10 years there, until he was released under the supervision of a psychotherapist. 

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Although Krondashin had indeed “considered himself to be a vampire” prior to his treatment, his sister (who is actually a doctor) said he had been discharged from the asylum as presenting no danger to the public. However, he was still supposed to be under medical supervision, so it’s unclear how he was able to successfully pose as a doctor for several months before his ruse was discovered. It’s also yet unclear whether Krondashin harmed, or intended to harm, any of his patients. He was reported to higher authorities by several patients before his fake credentials were finally investigated, apparently because they recognized him as a former murderer. One female patient even claimed her name had been on Krondashin’s list of classmates that he intended to kill.

During the time between his release from the psychiatric hospital and being discovered as a fake doctor, Krondashin had maintained a low profile. At this point, we can only speculate if his fraudulent foray into the medical field was born of sinister intentions. However, one other small, creepy detail has emerged since Krondashin’s second arrest: Authorities noted that during his brief tenure posing as a doctor, Krondashin had also been active on social media under the alias ‘Ginczel,’ a shortened version of his old vampire identity ‘Baron von Ginczel.’ This odd piece of information, coupled with Krondashin’s vampiric past, faked identity, and easy access to narcotic drugs (his former murder “weapon”) paints a scary picture of what may have come to pass, again, if Krondashin - or Baron von Ginczel - had not been caught (blood)red-handed.