BLOG: The Confessionals Podcast Beard Oil is Coming Soon!

If we can assume anything about the elusive Sasquatch, it’s probably that he smells glorious and is really well-groomed, right? And now, here’s your chance to be just like him. 😉

Coming this October, The Confessionals Podcast is teaming up with the awesome Anointed AK, a men’s grooming products company that handcrafts all of its creations in Eagle River, Alaska. Blending creativity, quality, and out of the box thinking right into their high quality products, Anointed AK is a uniquely talented small business with whom we are thrilled to be working!

Just in time for Fall and Halloween, Anointed AK and The Confessionals are bringing an all new beard oil collaboration series inspired by some of the world’s most famous cryptid and paranormal encounters. The spooky one-of-a-kind line will feature three supernatural scents including Sasquatch, Specter, and Dogman. Much like their cryptoparanormal namesakes, each blend boasts its own distinctive smells! Check out the scent profiles below for a sneak peek of the upcoming series:

  • SASQUATCH - Redwood, cedar, fir needle, and toasted marshmallow.

  • SPECTER - Blackberry, white sage, hyacinth, and honey.

  • DOGMAN - Oak, pear, vetiver, and musk.

And, bonus, along with these alluring aromas, every beard oil will come with a metallic mini decal sticker featuring the brand logos of The Confessionals and Anointed AK! We’re extremely excited for the upcoming launch of these new grooming products, and look forward to you - and anyone standing directly in your personal space - enjoying them too!

We want to give a huge thank you to Anointed AK for teaming up with us and creating such a good-looking, good-smelling set of beard oils! You can take a look at some more of their inspired products over at Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the official release of Sasquatch, Dogman, and Specter!

Which scent will you be lining up to try when The Confessionals Podcast beard oil series is finally released? Drop us a comment below!