BLOG: The Confessionals NEW MEMBERSHIPS Are Here!!!

The Confessionals team is excited to announce that our NEW MEMBERSHIP SITE has officially launched!

We believe our new site will offer members entertaining, consistent, and engaging content on a sleeker, more user-friendly platform. By becoming a member of The Confessionals Podcast, fans will have access to:

- At least ONE EXTRA fully-produced episode per week!

- Discussion forums and chat rooms to interact with other members!

- Any extra bonus content created for the show!

- LIVE SHOWS with a live call-in option!

- An archive of previous member shows from our former Patreon platform!

You can join us as member NOW for $7 per month OR $70 per year! Click here to subscribe! We hope you love all our new extras available for members, and look forward to seeing you on the forums! Thank you for enjoying and supporting The Confessionals!!!

Please also note these additional details about our new memberships:

- Some internet browsers have a pop-up blocker that restricts access to our new Members area. If you experience any difficulty signing up or creating an account, please check to make sure your pop-up blocker is off when using the new platform!

- For fans who have already been members on our former Patreon platform, your Patreon account will remain open for one month (as of July 14, 2019) before we close down the Patreon Members site. Please conclude your Patreon subscription within that month and join us over at our new and improved site!

-Membership is billed immediately upon initial subscription, and then subsequently on the first of every month if paying monthly, or on January 1 of every year if paying annually.

If you have questions about memberships that have not been addressed here or on the Members site, please email