NEWS: Man Says He's Captured Video of a 25-to-30-Foot-Long Monster Shark

Is it Megalodon? Nah, but a man vacationing near Cape Cod believes he did catch sight of a 25 - 30 foot long Great White Shark, and has a video to prove it. Could it really be a monster Great White, or is this a classic case of misidentification? If it’s a GWS, then it’s one of the biggest ever on record! Read the details (which aren’t many) and then click to see the video as it first appeared on Geekologie:

Video Of An Alleged 25-30 Foot, 2.5 Ton Great White Shark

This is a video of an alleged 25-30 foot long, 5-thousand pound great white shark. Is it really that big? Well, based on the way the guy and his friends are talking, I doubt they're shark experts. Also, being that large would make this thing even bigger than Deep Blue (previously seen HERE), which is the world's largest known. Some more info while I crack this case wide open like a geode with a hammer (I suspect it's a basking shark):

A Man on his trip from Bermuda to Cape Cod yesterday on Distant Star saw one of the biggest sharks Ive ever seen. He was about 40 miles south east of Martha's Vineyard they came upon the largest great white shark they have ever seen.

It was 25-30' Long and weighed approximately 5 thousand pounds.

CLICK HERE to see the video clip of this monster! What type of shark do you think this really is?