NEWS: Scientist Talks Giant Fossil Find on Coast to Coast AM

Scientist Talks Giant Fossil Find on Coast to Coast AM

You’re hiking happily through the woods and come upon a huge boulder jutting out of the earth. It’s impressive, picturesque, and ancient-looking, so you decide to take  a closer look. Your hike quickly changes from happy to creepy when you realize, upon closer inspection, your boulder isn’t a boulder at all - it’s a giant finger bone.

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...Sound crazy? Not to scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger, who believes he has discovered enormous fossilized body parts near his home in South Africa. Initially thinking he was standing atop plain old rocks, Tellinger was shocked to realize the rocks were what he believes to be the remains of ancient giants. From knuckles to teeth to hearts, Tellinger unearthed massive fossils that he thinks may be evidence of former Anunnaki or Nephilim who were killed by a huge flood.

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If true, the sheer size of the fossilized bones would mean that mile-high giants, alluded to in the Bible and in apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch, really did once stalk the planet. So the next time you venture into rocky terrain, pay close attention to what, or who, you’re walking on!

Tellinger joined Coast to Coast AM recently to share details and theories about his big fossil find. Check out the episode HERE!

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