Written Confession: Miranda C.'s Experience with Evil

The following Confession was shared by Miranda C. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"A couple of years ago my husband went to something called an encounter. It's a big movement in the Christian community. We were warned before he went that things might change between us and that satan would try to cause problems when he returned. We laughed it off and away he went.

A little background before I go on though. We both grew up in Christian homes but his family was way more active in the church than mine. My family quit going when I was in middle school but I had always considered myself a Christian.

Matt(husband) and I never really discussed religion. We would go to church with his family on occasion and did all of the holidays but we weren't members of any church. At one point I decided that we should get involved in one but that didn't last long and so when he got invited to encounter it was kind of out of the blue but he was willing to give it a try. I was excited for him and when he started to doubt going I would encourage him. 

The time came and he went. The day he got back I was really excited to see him but it's almost like the second he returned something changed within me. He was a completely different person when he got back: on fire for Jesus. He seemed to be high on life and ready to live for the lord.

I, on the other hand, went dark. I started to question my beliefs. I became angry and depressed. I thought about killing myself.(Not normal for me.) Matt and I fought all of the time about christianity and the kids. I hated myself and hated my husband for going to encounter. Divorce came up a lot. It was almost like something was trying to torture me. It was horrible!! This went on for months.

I finally decided that I needed to go to encounter to try to get out of the darkness I was in. It felt like there was something inside of me trying to keep me from going and it was a struggle to actually make myself go. But I did. And the second I got there, it felt like a huge weight was lifted. Like I physically felt better. When I returned home, Matt and I were excited to finally be on the same page after so many dark months(or so we thought) and were laying in bed talking when I decided to get up to get ready for bed. The second I stood up I instantly felt sick all over so I laid back down and felt this dark vibration above my body. It floated there for a second and then took off. My husband didn't know what was wrong. We grabbed a bible and prayed together and slept with a light on because whatever it was, it was evil. 

It was a terrifying experience and looking back, I know something evil was trying hard to get me to end my life. I have left out a lot of details because I already have a novel going but this was just one of my paranormal experiences!"