Written Confession: Darren H. and the Haunted Location That Followed Him Home

The following Confession was shared by Darren H. via The Confessionals' Facebook page:

"My wife and i went to one of Australia's most haunted locations. An old homested called monte cristo .This place is rather haunted and has a notorious history which is rather famous now a days and is used as a tourist attraction. Any way we spent a few hours touring the place and my wife came to the opinion that ghosts dont exist and set about saying this aloud around the place .

Fast forward a week and we had come to notice some strange noises and eerie feelings around our place. We then decided to consult a friends mother who is a psychic about what was going on. She was of the belief we had bought home with us the spirt of a young bloke who wanted to prove he existed. We were instructed to light some white candles and tell the spirit we believed in him so he would leave. A day later or so the activity increased which made my wife imcreasingly frightened so i made the smart descision to challenge the spirit . I said out loud to it to pick on me and leave my wife alone. The rest of the day was un eventful till around two in the morning when i awoke to the bed sheet shaking up and down on us and immediatly thought what the hell is the cat doing...i then remembered the cat was outside. This was the last we heard from that spirit.. he ceratainly proved he existed to my wife and i......not that i needed convincing."