"On The Road" is where you will have access to anything from spontaneous interviews with unsuspecting people to video and audio of The Confessionals doing events! Anything that happens outside the studio will be right here On The Road!

Blobfest 2017, Phoenixville PA

Blobfest is a three-day event in commemoration of the original 1958 classic film, THE BLOB, including screenings of The Blob and other horror classics, re-enactment of the theater running-out sequence, competitions and a street fair. We had a great time at our vendor booth at Blobfest '17!

Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, California

Winchester Mansion Tour

Have a listen to our guide through the Winchester Mansion as we learn about the history of this world famous home!

Conversation with Eric going to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Chem Trails with Eric

This audio is from our tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary! You will hear a lot of our guide talking about the history of the facility and other peoples comments and questions. Many people have asked me to post the audio "unedited" so they can listen for any anomalies. So, here you go! Over an hour of audio for your listening pleasure. 


Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Creepy Warehouse

Uploaded by Tony Merkel on 2017-05-08.

Haunted Nursing Home

Astral Projection

Truckers Thoughts On The Paranormal

Ouija Bored Experience

Shadow Figure Seen Twice